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When The Smoke Clears:💨 John Molina Jr.

Saturday nights battle against Josesito Lopez didn’t pan out the way 🇺🇸John Molina Jr. had hoped it would. Molina was out down twice in the opening round and three times overall, eventually being stopped in the eighth round.

It appears the reality that the gas tank is on E set in for Molina after that fight, and after 14 years in the ring, “The Gladiator” has announced his decision to retire from the ring. He finishes his career with a record of 30-9-0 with 24 knockouts. Continue reading “When The Smoke Clears:💨 John Molina Jr.”

When the Smoke Clears:💨 Jose Ramirez vs. Maurice Hooker

By Jon Uddin🖋️ 

Well it delivered every ounce of excitement that was expected when the fight was announced.

And the announcement was all that was needed to sell this one to boxing fans. There were no extra gimmicks, crazy trash talk, or tweets of the day necessary to convince anyone that a potential classic was on the way, which is good, because none of those things are in either fighters personality. Continue reading “When the Smoke Clears:💨 Jose Ramirez vs. Maurice Hooker”