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The Legendary St. Valentines Day Massacre (LaMotta vs. Robinson VI)

Boxing fans will see a lot of this today…

St Valentines Day Massacre
World Middleweight Championship
February 14, 1951
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois

In the third defense of the Middleweight title, 🇺🇸Jake Lamotta was able to still proclaim that he had never been dropped, but he was not able to leave with his belt.

👑🇺🇸Sugar Ray Robinson unleashed hell on Lamotta, specifically in the 13th round when he battered and bloodied the “Bronx Bull” to the point referee Frank Sykora jumped in to stop the beating. The beating Lamotta took forever labeled the fight “The St Valentines Day Massacre”.

In Memoriam: Carlos De Leon (1959-2020), A Great Warrior Taken Away from Us 📰

By Tré Berry III🖊️

Rest in Piece to one of the greatest Cruiserweight’s of all time ♛🇵🇷Carlos “Sugar” De Leon (53-8-1, 33KO👊), who passed away earlier today from what was described as a heart seizure. He was 60 years old upon his passing. De Leon was one of the original pioneers of the Cruiserweight division, becoming its Continue reading “In Memoriam: Carlos De Leon (1959-2020), A Great Warrior Taken Away from Us 📰”

Talking Legends:📽️ Archie Moore

Relentless, menacing, driven, physically and mentally imposing, “The Mongoose” 🇺🇸Archie Moore (186-23-10, 132KO👊) cemented himself as a legend among legends, and was one of the best fighters of the Golden-Age in the 1950’s. Moore was well known for his cross-armed defense and relentless nature in pressuring fighters to systematically break them down round by round. He had impeccable power, evidenced by his 132 KO’s, which stands as the second highest knockout total in boxing history.

He was a very intelligent craftsman, and had excellent footwork inside to pivot and put his opponent in compromising positions while it enabled Archie to load up on his shot to drive the power home. As a long time World Champion… Continue reading “Talking Legends:📽️ Archie Moore”

Ketchel Pays the Price

Colorized classic photo of Heavyweight Champion 🇺🇸Jack Johnson standing over 🇺🇸Stanley Ketchel after delivering the knockout shot in the twelfth round of their fight in 1909.

It’s said that the fighters agreed to carry the bout the originally scheduled 20 rounds. Ketchel however saw an opportunity in the 12th round and went for the knockout, putting the champion on the canvas. When Johnson rose to his feet, Ketchel closed in, attempting to finish the deal, but found himself on the receiving end of a huge right hand from Johnson which he would not recover from.

“He crossed me and I made him pay for it.”
-Jack Johnson

Colorized by Jordan Singleton