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Respect in Combat (Dillian Whyte | Alexander Povetkin Rematch)

It is easy to gloat after you come back to defeat your conqueror in the second go-around, and it’s okay to do, as it signifies some of what was pinned up after losing in the first bout. Now when you are concerned about the former conqueror’s health such as 🇯🇲🇬🇧Dillian Whyte was, after knocking 🥇🇷🇺Alexander Povetkin damn near senseless, it is commendable, and has to be noted that Whyte took the stool from Continue reading “Respect in Combat (Dillian Whyte | Alexander Povetkin Rematch)”

Respect in Combat (Oscar Valdez | Miguel Berchelt)

When the moment of reckoning comes about, and you capitalize on it to form the 🔝greatest moment of your career (and possibly in life), jubilation takes over, and fully engulfs you in the moment. As 🇲🇽Oscar Valdez (29-0-0, 23KO👊) was basking in the moment with his team and his family, emotion took over him, as he internalized all of  Continue reading “Respect in Combat (Oscar Valdez | Miguel Berchelt)”

Respect in Combat (Ryan Garcia | Luke Campbell)

Yes, that is Pound-4-Pound great 👑🇲🇽Canelo Alvarez in the middle, but the two accompanying him, 🇺🇸Ryan “KingRy” Garcia, and 🥇🇬🇧“Cool Hand” Luke Campbell came together moments prior and delivered to us a quality contest, and left it all in the ring, in the truest sense. Continue reading “Respect in Combat (Ryan Garcia | Luke Campbell)”

Respect in Combat (Terence “Bud” Crawford | Kell “Special K” Brook)

Both 🇺🇸Terence “Bud” Crawford and 🇬🇧Kell Brook were class acts after their 4-round fight yesterday.  Brook was humble in defeat, and honest in his assessment when talking to the WBO Champion, specifying that he (Bud) has very good timing, and a good deal of punching power – to where Crawford replied 🗣️ I told you so” regarding the power.  Bud respected Brook and his efforts as well, and just like that, two proud prizefighters could go home healthy to their families.

Respect in Combat (Usyk|Chisora)

It is no secret from the lead-up that both 🥇🇺🇦Oleksandr Usyk (18-0-0, 13KO) and 🇿🇼🇬🇧Dereck Chisora (32-10-0, 23KO) were fond of each other. Being a couple of proud fighters, they went for it all. After the fight, they showed their respects to each other, with Chisora treating Olek and his whole team to food/snacks, while Usyk autographed the gloves he wore in the ring for Chisora to have – Respect.