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A Competitive Duel Reaches Majority Decision Verdict, Ramirez Defeats Postol to Defend His Titles

A competitive clash of styles produced a well fought contest and by way of Majority Decision, 🇺🇸Jose Carlos Ramirez (26-0-0, 17KO) was successful in defeating a game-former Titlist in 🇺🇦Viktor “The Iceman” Postol (31-3-0, 12KO) to make his first title defense as a unified titlist, retaining both his WBC and WBO Junior-Welterweight Title Belts. Continue reading “A Competitive Duel Reaches Majority Decision Verdict, Ramirez Defeats Postol to Defend His Titles”

A Legend Meets Another Milestone (Manny Pacquiao) 🗓️

Shout-out to an active living legend – and happy 41st birthday to 12X Champion | 5-division Lineal | 8-division World Champion 🇵🇭Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39KO👊). He currently sits as the WBA Welterweight Titlist, and is historically the oldest Welterweight to hold a major Title after winning the belt in a vintage performance over Keith Thurman dating back to July 20th, 2019.

On the Radar:📡 Manny Pacquiao

(History was made in many different facets)

BOXER:🇵🇭Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao🇵🇭

FEATS ACCOMPLISHED: 4 boxing records broken in a single fight…becoming the oldest Welterweight Titlist of all time (40), becoming the first man to become a 4X Welterweight Champion, now having the longest time period between winning his first World Title, and winning his latest one (1998-2019, 21 year gap between the two)…also now having the most wins over boxers who won an official World Title in their careers (27 victories over 22 Champions).

THE PATH TO THE GOAL:📈Ageless wonder is a term used to describe someone who transcends time, yet there are only a few of those examples in all facets of life where this saying actually holds merit. In boxing’s past, we have had great fighters push the envelope as they advanced later into their later years after piling up a lot of mileage on the body that should have been a factor in them slowing down, yet wasn’t…fighters such as Archie Moore, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Robinson, Bernard Hopkins and a few other notable great boxers. 🇵🇭Manny Pacquiao (62-7-2, 39KO👊) is the latest one to add to the list after his incredible performance in out-dueling a very good primed Welterweight Champion in Keith Thurman this past weekend (July 20th, 2019). Continue reading “On the Radar:📡 Manny Pacquiao”