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On the Radar:📡 Kazuto Ioka

(A look-back to 2019’s History Makers)

BOXER: 🇯🇵Kazuto Ioka🇯🇵

FEAT ACCOMPLISHED: Becoming the first Japanese fighter to Win World Titles in 4-divisions.

THE PATH TO THE GOAL:📈 Looking back to June 19th, 2019, Japan’s 🇯🇵Kazuto Ioka took on heralded top-challenger Aston Palicte of the Philippines to earn rights to be called the WBO Super-Flyweight World Champion. For Ioka, this was everything that he had worked towards since coming back from his brief retirement that lasted approximately 17 months. Continue reading “On the Radar:📡 Kazuto Ioka”

Kazuto Ioka Becomes Japan’s First 4-Division World Champion by Stopping Aston Palicte Late

Concluding just minutes ago, 🇯🇵Kazuto Ioka (24-2-0, 14KO) is your new WBO Super-Flyweight Champion after he pressed the action late to pummel 🇵🇭Aston Palicte (25-3-1, 21KO) in the 10th round, with a barrage of power shots, following the initial right hand that had him staggered earlier in the round to put himself into the record books, not just by becoming Japan’s only 4-division Champion, but by tying 🇺🇸Oscar De La Hoya in achieving this fight in the fewest amount of wins (24)…
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A Great Fighter Taking a Second Crack at History-Kazuto Ioka vs. Aston Palicte

Japanese great & fringe Hall-of-Famer 🇯🇵Kazuto Ioka (23-2-0, 13KO) in a headliner bout will get back in the ring on June 19th to take on solid battle-tested Super-Flyweight 🇵🇭Aston Palicte (25-2-1, 21KO) of the Phillipine’s in pursuit of the vacant WBO Super-Flyweight World Title Belt. Continue reading “A Great Fighter Taking a Second Crack at History-Kazuto Ioka vs. Aston Palicte”

The Race To Four Has A Score

In front of a crowd at Wynn Palace Cotai in Macau, China featuring a super-fight between two 3-division Champions in pursuit of history at a 4th division, the vacant WBO Super-Flyweight title was won by Donnie ‘Ahas’ Nietes (42-1-5, 23KO) via ‘Split-Decision’ victory over Japan’s Kazuto Ioka (23-2-0, 13KO).

With scores widely contrasted from one another (to some concern), the final verdict went to the proud veteran, thus following the path of fellow countrymen Manny Pacquiao & Nonito Donaire, making Nietes officially the 3rd Filipino fighter in boxing history to become a 4-division Champion by defeating his greatest opponent to date.

After the debacle that happened 3 months prior where he firmly believed that he had achieved his goal against Aston Palicte, Nieted ended up winning the same belt that he believed he should’ve won that night on September 8th.

With a win of this magnitude to pair with his lofty achievements in his career, Nietes now looks like a surefire Hall of Famer, and at the very least, this boosts his credentials to where it will garner serious recognition when he officially hangs the gloves up.

Kazuto Ioka fought a tough bout, in what was a close, competitive fight that was back n forth with many ebbs and flows to the action, however fell JUST short of achieving his ultimate goal of becoming the 1st Japanese 4-division Champion in history.

The fight was fought at a remarkably high technical level with both boxers employing their full bag of tricks, with Nietes more effective upstairs and able to land his counter-punches to a good deal of success, and Ioka putting in a lot of work to the body, as the fight was predominantly fought in closed quarters, and in middle distance.

You got the sense that both fighters knew exactly what was on the line late, with the fight, and their legacies hanging in the balance, so they both went after it down the stretch like true Champions. Although Ioka didn’t pick up the victory here, he is only 29 years old, and is still at the peak of his powers in his prime. Ioka can, and presumably will, bounce back to compete with anyone they put in front of him in a talent-laden division at Super-Flyweight in pursuit of bolstering his own lofty resume looking forward.

Levi Martinez = 118 – 110 for DONNIE NIETES
Samuel Nieto = 116 – 112 for KAZUTO IOKA
Patricia Morse Jarman = 116 – 112 for DONNIE NIETES

The Race To Four

By Tre Berry

This year may be coming to a close, but apparently they saved the fireworks for last.

What do you get when you put two Pound-for-Pound level boxers in the same ring? Both who have recently moved up in weight, have both won 15+ title fights, and each are 3-division Champions with a grand opportunity of becoming a 4-division Champion with a vacant title on the line?

A fight that we have to pay very close attention to.

Japanese Legend Kazuto Ioka (23-1-0, 13KO) partakes in this mega-match in efforts of making history in becoming the 1st Japanese fighter to become a 4-division Champion by gunning for the vacant WBO Super-Flyweight title-belt.

After a brief retirement spanning 17 months, Kazuto took a chance in a big fight at a brand-new weight division, facing off against Puerto Rican fighter McWilliams Arroyo, who scored an impressive victory over former Mexican Champion Carlos Cuadras. His follow-up to that happens to be a second big fight in a row, this time with a far superior boxer than his previous opponent.

Donnie ‘Ahas’ Nietes (41-1-5, 23KO) by length of time is the longest reigning Filipino Champion in history, which is astonishing considering his countries storied history. If he were to win this fight, he would become the 3rd 4-division Champion from the Philippines, following after All-Time-Great Manny Pacquiao (8-division Champion) and legend Nonito Donaire (4-division Champion).

Nietes fought for the vacant WBO belt back in September against his friend, and fellow countryman Aston Palicte. Despite Donnie dominating the fight, he was cheated out of acquiring a new belt to his collection as the fight was ruled a draw, thus the WBO Championship remained vacant after the fight. He got his follow-up opportunity, but he’s going to have to be on his A+ game for this one. Both have legitimate claims of being undefeated in the ring, with their losses controversial for differing reasons, so both are looking to make a definitive statement in what is for each the biggest fight of their Professional career.

This fight will take place on December 31st, New Years Eve. Considering that this fight takes place in Macau, China, the time is uncertain, but we’ll stay on top of that, and let you know what time this fight-card will take place. We will also try to work on providing a link for you all to view this mega-card, but in case we are unsuccessful in doing so, we will definitely post a link to the fight afterwards as quick as possible.