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Combat Sparring Session🥊🥊: (Week of May 24th)

By Tré Berry III & Jon Uddin🖊️🖊️ | 05/27/2021

Combat Project authors Tré and Jon discuss Josh Taylor’s historic win, Elvis Rodriguez upset loss, and Manny Pacquiao setting the world on fire, leaking himself that a fight with Errol Spence is inked, and on the way.  We will also be discussing Kenneth Simms prospects after defeating Elvis, Jose Ramirez options when he looks to get back on track, and whether it will involve Jose Zepeda after his lackluster performance over Hank Lundy. Continue reading “Combat Sparring Session🥊🥊: (Week of May 24th)”

When the Smoke Clears:💨 Jose Ramirez vs. Maurice Hooker

By Jon Uddin🖊️ | 07/29/2019

Well it delivered every ounce of excitement that was expected when the fight was announced.

And the announcement was all that was needed to sell this one to boxing fans. There were no extra gimmicks, crazy trash talk, or tweets of the day necessary to convince anyone that a potential classic was on the way, which is good, because none of those things are in either fighters personalities.
Both Ramirez and Hooker epitomized boxers that “let their fists do the talking” come fight night and were delivering a matchup that fans appreciate seeing fighters go for in a time in boxing, where it has been rare to make that happen without extended delays. Continue reading “When the Smoke Clears:💨 Jose Ramirez vs. Maurice Hooker”

Ramirez & Hooker Set for Unification at Junior-Welterweight

A unification bout between WBC Super Lightweight champion Jose Ramirez (24-0-0, 16KO) and WBO titleholder Maurice Hooker (26-0-3, 17KO) has been confirmed for July 27th at College Park Center, Arlington, Texas.  This will be the third defense of each fighters rightful belt. Continue reading “Ramirez & Hooker Set for Unification at Junior-Welterweight”


The second of two quality fights tonight on ESPN, WBC Junior-Welterweight Champion Jose Carlos Ramirez (24-0-0, 16KO) found himself in a tough, challenging entertaining fight with Jose ‘Chon’ Zepeda (30-2-0, 25KO), where Ramirez found himself down early and getting beat to the punch, however Ramirez pushed forward down the stretch and closed the show the way Champions do to win this fight by what was ruled a majority decision.

Zepeda decided to fight this fight on the outside from his southpaw stance, utilizing side to side footwork to get his off. Ramirez sat back for a couple rounds, collecting data before he fully committed to making adjustments in altering his method of attack.

After having trouble dealing with Zepeda’s movement in the first few rounds, a well placed left hook authored up by Ramirez in the 4th round finally found the elusive target and stunned Zepeda for a bit. There were plenty of accidental headbutts, which is accustomed to happen between a righty and a lefty, but Zepeda also had the propensity of leading in with his head without malicious intent as reasoning for the head clashes. Zepeda landed some pretty solid left hands in the 6th round to punctuate the round. In the 7th, Ramirez started to slightly close the gap between them, and landed at a higher clip, also seemingly making Zepeda uncomfortable for the first time in the fight. Zepeda ate a big right hand that Ramirez sold out on in the 8th round that had the challenger in some turmoil, but Zepeda endured and fought with him down the stretch of the round. By this point in the fight, Ramirez got Zepeda’s timing down, and operated behind a disciplined attack, landing crisp power punchers in variety to the chest, then to the head, taking control of the middle of the fight. Ramirez was authoritative down the stretch, reminding viewers of who the Champion was, and despite Zepeda still being game down the stretch, he was no longer getting the better of the exchanges. A solid fight, as Ramirez defended his WBC title for the second time, and Zepeda impressed, despite falling short of victory on the cards. 🥊🥊
Rey Danseco = 114 – 114 for the DRAW
Chris Tellez = 115 – 113 for JOSE CARLOS RAMIREZ
Glenn Trowbridge = 116 – 112 for JOSE CARLOS RAMIREZ
Tré Berry = 115 – 113 for JOSE CARLOS RAMIREZ
Jon Uddin = 116 – 112 for JOSE CARLOS RAMIREZ