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A Centuries Worth of Time, and a Legend Taking Care of Business (Jack Dempsey vs. Bill Brennan)

Exactly 100 years ago to the day 🗓️(December 14th, 1920), the legendary “Manassa Mauler” 👑🇺🇸Jack Dempsey defended his World Heavyweight Title for the second time in his run as he defeated 🇺🇸Bill Brennan by way of 12th round knockout.  Dempsey won the Championship one year prior by destroying 🇺🇸Jess Willard, putting him down a total of 7 times in the first round, and forcing his corner to quit in the corner after round 3. Dempsey went on to secure his legacy, defending his Title 5 times before relinquishing his crown to 👑🇺🇸Gene Tunney.