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On the Radar:📡 Murodjon Akhmadaliev

By Tré Berry III🖊️

(Hitting the Record Books Early) 🥊🥊

BOXER: 🥉🇺🇿Murodjon Akhmadaliev🇺🇿🥉

FEATS ACCOMPLISHED: Becoming the First Unified Titlist From Uzbekistan and Trying Leon Spinks for Least Amount of Fights En Route to Becoming a Unified World Titlist (8 Bouts)

THE PATH TO THE GOAL:📈 There is a new super-talent that is on the scene, and after Thursday’s incredible win over previous WBA/IBF belt-holder Danny Roman, 🥉🇺🇿Murodjon “MJ” Akhmadaliev (8-0-0, 6KO👊) has forced the boxing public to take note of his skills. Continue reading “On the Radar:📡 Murodjon Akhmadaliev”

Things We’ve Noticed:🤔 The Resourceful Bounce Back Nature of the 🥇Olympic Gold-Medalist

By Tré Berry III🖊️

A combined record of ✅86 wins – 46 losses❌…interesting, but what record does that pertain to? 🤔that is the cumulative results throughout all of boxing history when 🥇Olympic Gold-Medalists at the professional level fight in rematches against a non-Gold-Medal recipient boxer that they had previously lost to. The “86” represents those Gold-Medalists that won gold, and the “46” represents fights in which those Gold-Medalists couldn’t turn it around, losing yet again to the same boxer – all of that amounting to a solid 65.2% success rate for amateur boxers of that creed. Continue reading “Things We’ve Noticed:🤔 The Resourceful Bounce Back Nature of the 🥇Olympic Gold-Medalist”

Things We’ve Noticed:🤔 An Inside Look of the Full Anatomy of Naoya Inoue

By Tré Berry III🖋️ 

So I ask myself, what makes RING/IBF Bantamweight Champion of the World 🇯🇵Naoya Inoue (18-0-0, 16KO👊) a terrifying force? well…everything does. The best way to categorize his punching power is…flat-out ridiculous. Nobody in boxing today when applying P4P ⚖️power-scaling hits as hard as he does when his fists get to the target, and he doesn’t have to over-commit with his power in either hand to send your spirit to another stratosphere for a little while for the 10-count. Continue reading “Things We’ve Noticed:🤔 An Inside Look of the Full Anatomy of Naoya Inoue”

Their Stories: The Compelling Journey of Regis Prograis 🇺🇸

By Tré Berry III🖋️ 

Acclaimed boxer 🇺🇸Regis Prograis (24-0-0, 20KO👊) comes into Saturday’s October 26th contest with Josh Taylor as the #1 Seed in the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS), and as the WBA Junior-Welterweight Champion.  On the line here is the vacant ♛RING-MAGAZINE Junior-Welterweight Championship belt, and the 🏆Muhammad Ali Trophy to crown the winner of this tournament.  With everything on the line, we would like to take a scope into Prograis journey to the sport.  Here is a few interesting factoids about the prizefighter from New Orleans… Continue reading “Their Stories: The Compelling Journey of Regis Prograis 🇺🇸”