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Garcia a Knockout in Debut With Reynoso

By Jon Uddin

“Where there is discipline, we can work.”

These were the words from Eddy Reynoso, trainer to Canelo Alvarez, who took 20 year old Golden Boy lightweight prospect Ryan Garcia under his wing for the first time last night.

Garcia’s opponent, Braulio Rodriguez was overmatched when it came to the talent being brought into the ring, but what he lacked in skills, he made up for in showmanship.

From the shoving match he incited at Friday’s weigh in, to his antics during the fight, it was clear Rodriguez’s gameplan was to get Garcia flustered and out of his.

No such luck. Garcia remained poised, patient, and confident, as he stuck to the plan Reynoso had laid out for him, dropping Rodriguez with a left hook in the first round, and finally finishing him off with a right hand in the fifth that ended it.


From the time Garcia has stepped on the scene with Golden Boy we have been hit with the marketing that has seemed fit for a pop star more than a fighter, with cameras fixed on screaming girls and shots of Garcia displaying his dance moves in his dressing room before he takes the ring.

Love it or hate it, none of that will be changing as long as when he enters the ring he is fully focused on the task at hand. Eddy Reynoso believes Garcia is all in, can be coached, and is the best prospect in boxing right now. It will be very interesting watching their journey unfold every time Garcia laces them up.