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‘Bud’ Crawford Smokes Amir Khan & Makes Him Quit in the 6th Round

WBO Welterweight World Champion 🇺🇸Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford (35-0-0, 26KO) made due by cautiously taking apart 🇬🇧Amir ‘King’ Khan (33-5-0, 20KO) through 6 rounds, culminating to a strange ending… 

Khan was hit with an accidental low-blow, and Khan using the opportunity to mentally check out and quit the match, making a business decision after enduring a good deal of punishment over the duration of the fight.

The 1st round was as expected, with both establishing the distance, sizing up each others advantages, and collecting information, that is until Bud caught Khan with a beautiful counter right cross over a lazy, lunging Khan jab from the orthodox position, and followed up with a left hook to put Khan down to the canvas.


Crawford pulverized Khan within the final 10 seconds of the first stanza and nearly put him down at the bell as Khan wobbled on his feet, barely gaining composure.

Surviving the round, it was becoming very apparent to Khan that he did not have the ability to match Crawford’s level of skill in out-boxing, and was starting to become the target of many good counter-punches up the middle and over the top. While Crawford established control of the fight, he started switching to southpaw, and mixing up his attack to the body and head. Amir a couple times landed decent 1-2 combinations, but the impact was limited, and he couldn’t mount a strong enough attack to keep Terence at bay.

In the 6th round as Crawford was pressing forward, he landed an accidental low-blow that strayed very south of the border, and caused Khan much discomfort. Assuming Khan would take the full 5 minutes not just to heal up from the low shot, but also use the time as a mask to rest and get his composure under control. Instead what resulted (with much confusion ringside) was that when asked repeatedly by Head Trainer Virgil Hunter if he wanted to continue, Khan kept answering ‘No’, so Virgil gave the signal to Referee David Fields, and the fight was stopped in the 6th round via TECHNICAL KNOCKOUT (TKO6).

SOME PERSPECTIVE – Khan seemed to really want to get going in this fight early, but he couldn’t mount a suitable, consistent attack to get himself going in the fight. To all of our disappointment in the 6th round, Khan made a business decision to himself to mentally check out of this fight while he had 5 minutes allotted for him for the low blow, thus him quitting the fight without taking the time to give it a second thought while he recovered.

Khan made himself look bad here tonight with those actions, and there’s no telling what he will do in going forward with his boxing career. As for Terence, he showed his usual ring wisdom, all-around technique and counter-punching en route to a typical top-notch performance. He did press the action a little too much in some sequences, resulting in some overanxious exchanges, but hey, he was himself tonight, was sharp, and he ultimately got the job done up to the point of the stoppage.

Guido Cavalieri = 49 – 45 for TERENCE CRAWFORD
Eric Marlinski = 50 – 44 for TERENCE CRAWFORD
Steve Weisfeld = 49 – 45 for TERENCE CRAWFORD
Tré Berry = 49 – 45 for TERENCE CRAWFORD
Jon Uddin = 50 – 44 for TERENCE CRAWFORD

Jon Uddin’s Prediction for Crawford vs Khan

Saturday night we have a matchup that puts arguably the #1 pound for pound fighter in WBO Welterweight Champion 🇺🇸Terence Crawford against 🇬🇧Amir Khan in a fight that fans are in agreement is not pay per view worthy, and honestly wasn’t even on the radar of potential fights that they wanted to see Crawford take on. But here we are…. Continue reading “Jon Uddin’s Prediction for Crawford vs Khan”

Tré Berry’s Breakdown & Prediction for Amir Khan vs. Terence Crawford

What we have here is a complete weapon at the peak of his powers in the sport of boxing right now and the division he occupies in 🇺🇸Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford (34-0-0, 25KO) who is looking to further expand his profile, and get to the fights he wants so that he can rubber-stamp the impressive career that he has put forth up to this point, and to further embed into our memory’s the virtuoso skill-level that he possesses. Continue reading “Tré Berry’s Breakdown & Prediction for Amir Khan vs. Terence Crawford”

The Speedster Meets the Elite, Crawford vs. Khan

By Tré Berry🖊️

The incomparable 🇺🇸Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford (34-0-0, 25KO) will step up to the plate on a Pay-Per-View platform in attempts to defend his WBO Welterweight World Title against the always game Silver-Medalist & former Champion 🇬🇧Amir ‘King’ Khan (33-4-0, 20KO).

Crawford, being a sensational fighter, is a true Swiss-Army-Knife that could do it all, and does so with a serious chip on his shoulder. He has nabbed 6 World Title Belts, and was a 2X Lineal Champion, who currently is looked at by some as P4P the best fighter in the world, most viewing Terence as a top-2 P4P talent, and is universally recognized as top-3 P4P by ALL credible boxing publications.

What a perfect opportunity for Khan to go after in trying to rise to the occasion and change the narrative of his career.

THE COLD HARD TRUTH – The manner in which Khan carries himself at times, and the type of attention he garners, you would think that he was still in the hierarchy of the divisions he occupies, however he hasn’t held a legitimate World Title Belt since 2011.

Now on the flip side, the ‘Cold Hard Truth’ also encompasses positive truths, and what supersedes that last point is that Khan has always been about trying to fight the best fighters that the sport can offer, even with him coming up short in most of those opportunities. That should warrant some real respect as he doesn’t look to take the easy route.

As for Crawford, he looks to keep the train rolling on the tracks. Everyone knows the type of fights that Terence wants, and against whom…but with promotional gridlock slowing up the flow of the Welterweight division, he can’t ink those fights at this current moment, so he’s been looking to take on the best contenders in his WBO ranking system, and Khan happens to be ranked #2, giving Crawford the option to fight a credible name opponent while also giving the veteran Khan a crack at it once again on a massive stage.

This fight will headline an ESPN PPV card at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City, and will be fought on April 20th. Tune in to see two of the quickest boxers we have today, and to see if a statement can be made in the Welterweight division.