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Back to the Basics (the Adjustment Period for Alberto Machado) 🔍

By Tré Berry III🖋️


After this weekends events, 🇵🇷Alberto Machado (21-2-0, 17KO) found himself once again on the wrong side of the coin as he dropped a second straight bout to Mexican-American fighter 🇺🇸Andrew Cancio, once again by knockout in an eerily similar fashion to the first fight. We will examine what that all means, what needs to be done, what should have been done in the first place after the initial fight, and the steps he can take to get him to another level as a young talented boxer with room to grow both upstairs, and in the skills department… Continue reading “Back to the Basics (the Adjustment Period for Alberto Machado) 🔍”

Cancio Shines Once Again, Knocks out Machado in the 3rd Round to Keep his Secondary WBA Title Belt

With both of these combatants diving into an immediate rematch, 🇺🇸Andrew “El Chango” Cancio (21-4-2, 15KO) came out strong, with improved skills, stronger confidence, and took the fight to 🇵🇷Alberto “El Explosivo” Machado (21-2-0, 17KO), successfully ending Machado’s night in a very similar manner to how Andrew took him out in their first encounter that took place back in February… Continue reading “Cancio Shines Once Again, Knocks out Machado in the 3rd Round to Keep his Secondary WBA Title Belt”

Immediate Rematch-A Change of Fortune, or Deja Vu (Andrew Cancio vs. Alberto Machado II)

It is always a commendable virtue when an underdog who succeeds in his first encounter with his rival gives an immediate rematch to the man that he just took the Title from, and that’s exactly what we are getting here. Gutsy WBO “Regular” Super-Featherweight Titlist 🇺🇸Andrew “El Chango” Cancio (20-4-2, 15KO) will have his re-match with talented former possessor of that Title Belt 🇵🇷Alberto “El Explosivo” Machado (21-1-0, 17KO) on Friday, June 21st at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Palm Springs, California.  Continue reading “Immediate Rematch-A Change of Fortune, or Deja Vu (Andrew Cancio vs. Alberto Machado II)”


What a turn of events in the headliner to this DAZN card! Underdog Andrew ‘El Chango’ Cancio (20-4-2, 15KO) survives an early forceful knockdown, to will himself back into the fight and took apart Alberto ‘El Explosivo’ Machado (21-1-0, 17KO) for the 4th round knockout.

After being put down, Cancio came back to have his moments in the second round, and continued the momentum, showing true resolve as he continued to clock Machado’s rhythm to land right hands over Machado’s left, which was stunning him.

Machado was seriously hurt in the 3rd round with an overhand shot, that completely changed the tide of the fight, but Machado endured. All hell broke loose in the 4th round when Cancio landed a devastating straight right to Machado’s midsection, which momentarily crippled him, and put him down on his knees. From the looks of it, perhaps he broke one of Machado’s ribs there, but that can’t be confirmed right now.

Machado got up just before the count of 10 in a fit of pain, and Cancio jumped on him again, once again putting him down with another bodyshot while Machado was still in agony over the first one. In very similar fashion, Machado barely beat the 10 count, and convinced Referee Raul Caiz Jr. to continue. He never really recovered however, and Cancio knew it, so him realizing that Machaco doesn’t know how to hold, he rushed Machado and put him out for good, securing the monumental upset to win the secondary WBA title.

Cancio prior to this fight was briefly retired, however he came back to give it one more go, and he took full opportunity and he seized the moment big time.


Gervonta Davis isn’t the only elite Super-Featherweight that’s putting the gloves on this week.

Puerto Rican sensation Alberto ‘El Explosivo’ Machado (21-0-0, 17KO) has turned himself into an all-around weapon, who continues to show vast improvement in every outing, who is as good a technical fighter that we have in the division. He will fight WBA top-10 ranked fighter Andrew ‘El Chango’ Cancio (19-4-2, 14KO).

Machado has the minor secondary WBA ‘Regular’ title, but he has a claim against Davis for being the legitimate WBA Champ due to Davis getting an opportunity to win his belt back after he was stripped for missing the weight a couple fights back, and the way that it’s supposed to be set up, Machado should have been next in line to be elevated as thee WBA Champion given his standing, but there was some politicking going on.

Nonetheless, he remains a force to be reckoned with, and is carefully putting the pieces together needed to secure a big fight in the near future. Look for this one as the co-headliner on DAZN Saturday night.