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Talking Legends:📽️ Dick Tiger

An all business, no nonsense type of guy, and a proud Nigerian, Richard Ihetu (better known as) 🇳🇬Dick Tiger (60-19-3, 27KO) had been summed up by many of his peers during his tenure as a quality individual in addition to being a great fighter. Continue reading “Talking Legends:📽️ Dick Tiger”

Talking Legends:📽️Evander Holyfield

As much an inspiration as he was a great boxer, ♛🥉🇺🇸Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield (44-10-2, 29KO) was a living embodiment of how much the human spirit can endure, and how you could ⚔️weaponize it as fuel towards your drive in pursuit of your goals. Holyfield had the ability to fight in all 3 ranges, inside, within the pocket, and outside. With his versatility being key to his attack, he also had a great chin, and loved the prospects of getting into a war if you took the fight to him. Continue reading “Talking Legends:📽️Evander Holyfield”

Talking Legends:📽️ Floyd Patterson

Fighting out of Brooklyn, NY, ♛🥇🇺🇸Floyd Patterson (55-8-1, 40KO) was a 2X Heavyweight Champion who reigned supreme in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. Patterson is often referred to as the bridge between Rocky Marciano & Sonny Liston, sometimes being forgotten in the pantheon of great boxers of the era. Patterson had an interesting style… Continue reading “Talking Legends:📽️ Floyd Patterson”

Talking Legends:📽️ Ricardo Lopez

Smooth, cool collective calm demeanor, brilliant, and a Champions heart that out-weighed his own stature & physique, 🇲🇽Ricardo ‘Finito’ Lopez (51-0-1, 38KO) was the epitome of a great Champion. While there is no such thing as absolute perfection in this world, there is a such thing as virtual perfection within the boundaries of completion, or in this case, being a complete fighter void of any shortcomings, and that is exactly what Finito embodied throughout all of his 16 year career. Continue reading “Talking Legends:📽️ Ricardo Lopez”