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Talking Legends: Floyd Patterson

Fighting out of Brooklyn, NY, Floyd Patterson (55-8-1, 40KO) was a 2X Heavyweight Champion who reigned supreme in the late 1950’s to early 1960’s. Patterson is often referred to as the bridge between Rocky Marciano & Sonny Liston, sometimes being forgotten in the pantheon of great boxers of the era. Patterson had an interesting style, with a crouched attack & relying on his supreme handspeed, getting in the kitchen of his opponent where he was great at pinpointing spots to throw his left hook and effective over-hand right. While on the smaller side as a Heavyweight, he made up for it with sheer aggression and big time punching power, most notably behind his left hook that came out a little wide, with violent intentions behind it. In Floyd’s case, though he had Cus’s ‘Peek-a-Boo’ stance, his offense was his best defense, and he made sure to stay on you so that he made it tough for you to get your own offense off & get to him… Continue reading “Talking Legends: Floyd Patterson”

Talking Legends: Ricardo Lopez

Smooth, cool collective calm demeanor, brilliant, and a Champions heart that out-weighed his own stature & physique, Ricardo ‘Finito’ Lopez (51-0-1, 38KO) was the epitome of a great Champion. While there is no such thing as absolute perfection in this world, there is a such thing as virtual perfection within the boundaries of completion, or in this case, being a complete fighter void of any shortcomings, and that is exactly what Finito embodied throughout all of his 16 year career. Continue reading “Talking Legends: Ricardo Lopez”

Talking Legends: Benny Leonard

Our feature of this week is this legendary fighter who fought out of the Lower East Side in New York City who fought on to become one of the cities greatest Champions, and that was the man nicknamed ‘The Ghetto Wizard’ Benjamin Leiner, or as we’ve come to known him as…Benny Leonard (90-6-1, 70KO) (Varying Records are Posted).

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