All in a Days Work For a Not So Ordinary Joe – Smith Jr. Outworks Geffrard, Secures 9th Round Technical Knockout Victory

Workman WBO Light-Heavyweight world titlist 🇺🇸Joe Smith Jr. (28-3-0, 22KO👊) was able to defeat and stop late sub replacement opponent 🇺🇸Steve Geffrard (18-3-0, 12KO👊) in the 9th round due to sustained activity throughout the bout, letting off a prolonged combination until the legs gave out for Geffrard, leading to the TKO as his Head-Trainer 🥋Kevin Cunningham threw in the towel during the administered count, understanding that his fighter had nothing left to give considering the patterns in which the fight unfolded.

It wasn’t an entertaining fight, but that was due to Geffrard fighting so ➖negatively on his behalf. Whenever he would let his hands go, you could see some craft behind his combination punching, but he didn’t appear to have the belief, or the toughness to carry him through a bout of this magnitude.

He utilized the high guard technique and willingly stuck himself behind his 🐚shell, which didn’t give much for Joe himself to work with. The ESPN 🎙️Analyst / Commentator crew incorrectly stated, and criticized all during the second half of the fight that Smith was letting off of the gas pedal, which was the furthest thing from the truth when adding the proper context. He was merely experimenting to see what would ultimately work.

While Joe Smith is crafty in his own way of maximizing his abilities for someone with slow hands, he found his creative limits in the moment of not knowing what to do against someone who looked to remain fully defensive as a survival tactic instead of approaching the fight with the willingness to win. Joe after repeatedly bouncing power shots off of elbows, forearms and gloves, made a decision during the mid point of the fight to try different things in order to soften up the guard in order to land.


He began to throw lighter punches, and winging them out at the point of 🎯contact to give minimal breathing space in order for him to sneak in the uppercuts, and the occasional right hand, which yielded some decent success throughout the contest.  There were more effective ways that he could’ve dealt with what was in front of him…..but Joe stuck to that, and routinely changed the speed of his ⚾fastball, and relied on his workmanlike motor, to finally break down the unwilling foe.

He let off a barrage of 15 some odd punches in the 9th round, punching away at the defense, which most were picked off, but the heaviness of the shots already made his legs wither, and buckle. Joe as he dipped down landed a beautiful straight 💥right hand right behind the 👂ear that did the damage, and followed up with a left hook.


Geffrard was down, and he didn’t look willing to get up, due to the hurt inflicted by those last 2 shots. His Head-Trainer knew what the deal was with what he was seeing, so he pulled the plug during the count, even though the end was inevitable anyway when considering the count process.  This was the first defense of Joe Smith’s WBO strap as a world titlist, and for him, it probably feels good to get it out of the way.

It wasn’t the opponent, or the challenge that he was looking for, but he and his team had to proceed forth with an opponent in order to save the day. Perhaps they may circle around to fight what was supposed to be the original opponent 🇺🇸Callum Johnson after his recovery, just to take on the challenge and behaving as a proper world titlist would, in fighting good, quality opposition.

The big prize for Smith Jr. however of course is TBRB-Lineal/WBC/IBF Light-Heavyweight Champion of the World 👑🇷🇺Artur Beterbiev, for a bout to unify 3 of the 5 World Titles – a fight that would showcase two of the ten biggest power punchers in boxing and the two hardest hitting Light-Heavyweights in the world. We can all hope for that to be the case as their next major fight.

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