Face Covered in Blood, Beterbiev in Frightening Power Display Makes Crafty Browne Submit by TKO to Defend His World Lineal Reign

Written by Tré Berry III✍️🖊️ | 12/18/2021

Destructive, precise, and devastating result, TBRB-Lineal, Unified WBC/IBF Champion of the World 👑🇷🇺Artur Beterbiev (17-0-0, 17KO👊👊) fought through profuse bleeding from an accidental head clash in the 4th round, to beat and batter quality mandatory world contender 🇺🇸”Sir” Marcus Browne (24-2-0, 16KO👊) through the middle rounds, and dropped him twice in the bout.

The 2nd and final time was by a huge uppercut that put Brown down to the red colored canvas, where Browne submitted to the pain, by taking the full 10-count before attempting to get up – justifiable considering the amount of pain that was inflicted upon him during the bout.


As you would expect, the southpaw Browne stayed on the backfoot in the first round, and periodically turned the Champion off of the work of the jab, and the sidestep. Beterbiev is a notoriously slow starter, so he was 👓studying Browne’s movement more than opening up his arsenal. Browne was doing some very cagey work in there, mixing it up to the solar-plex every time Beterbiev picked up his 🦶🏻front foot, and continued to utilize the outskirts of the ring.

Beterbiev wasn’t offering much up, still trying to find effective ways to get inside. Beterbiev began the bulk of his work by round 3, where he started to feverishly cut the ring off, and had Browne often stuck in the corner trying to fend himself off, while Beterbiev was beginning to land those short power shots that jolts the body.

An inadvertent headbutt in the 4th round from both boxers opened up a 🩹🩸nasty gash (which will require stitches) on Beterbiev’s forehead that bled profusely, while Browne also suffered a cut, but much, much less severe. As they got back to action understanding the circumstances, they upped their ante, trading power shots in the center of the ring both in the 4th and 5th rounds.


Round 6, with Artur Beterbiev’s face dawning a 👹crimson mask, came out aggressively, landing powerful jab, cross combinations up top. In the waning seconds of the round, Referee 🕴🏽Michael Griffin missed a knockdown call as Browne was belted, with the ropes holding him up and being the only thing stopping his descent from going down.

Round 7 to follow, Artur continued with the effective aggression, shortening his shots to eliminate counter opportunities for Browne. In the middle of the round, Beterbiev landed a devastating 💥right hand that dropped Browne down to the red canvas for the first time in the fight.

Browne, groggy, hurt, and stunned, made his way up to his feet to continue, but Beterbiev continued to stalk him, to beat him up some more to the head and the chest. Marcus was very fortunate to get out of the round, but you could see that the writing was on the wall, and it wasn’t a matter of if…it was when?

The punishment continued in the 8th, and Browne was gluten for punishment. There were a couple of times in the stanza where it appeared that he didn’t really want any more…but he bit down on his gumshield to return some fire, though those punches in large were picked off by the forearms. Round 9, Browne’s condition continued to wither, and Beterbiev finally caught up to him with a 🔨sledgehammer of an 💣uppercut, slumping Browne for the second, and final time in the fight, as he slumped to the apron.


Browne quit by voluntarily taking the ⌚10-count, then standing up…but make no mistake, it is completely justifiable, as Beterbiev hits way too hard, and wore him down with bomb after bomb, beating the fight out of him, so nothing for Browne to hold his head for.

Beterbiev, bloody, and pushing forth like a true Terminator, this was one of his scariest knockouts, especially considering that Browne is a class fighter, who’s tough to beat, and even tougher to make submit.



Artur Beterbiev is 36 years old, so he has to continue to expedite his process to maximize his time as the man in the division that possesses the 👑TBRB-Lineal Crown, an undefeated moniker, and a perfect knockout percentage. The most logical thing for him is to now wait to see the winner between 🇺🇸Joe Smith Jr, and 🇺🇸Callum Johnson.

For Artur, it would be a rematch against Johnson for the WBO title if he were to win it, but if Smith retains his title, then it would be a Promotional Top-Rank blockbuster that will be a dream to sell for boxing fans as an all-out, can’t miss punch fest. While all of those scenarios are good, we all know what is the 🐘elephant in the room.

The fight that we all want to see is Artur Beterbiev against current Undisputed Super-Middleweight Champion 👑🇲🇽Canelo Alvarez, as Artur has the predator effect that can seriously challenge the Canelo pedigree. It is not our job to discuss who wants the fight, and who doesn’t…but there does seem to be a definitive answer to that once you apply the logic, and see the patterns set forth.

All in all though, that would be the ⛰️pinnacle fight for each, in both acclaim, and in money to be made, as the entire world would tune in to see such an extravaganza, to see whether Canelo could beat the beast, or if Beterbiev can be the one to physically break the cash cow.

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