Boxer-Puncher in Her Full Element – Serrano Puts Forth Consistent Effort to Wipe Out Gutierrez on the Cards in the Lightweight Division

The great 🇵🇷Amanda “Real Deal” Serrano (42-1-1, 30KO👊👊) let it be known early in her bout against 🇪🇸Miriam Gutierrez (14-2-0, 5KO👊) that she wanted to make an everlasting statement against her latest foe. Coming out in the first round strong on her front foot, she controlled the first minute of the action behind the strong jab, cross at range, using it in a variety of ways.

After getting Gutierrez trapped in the corner, Amanda unleashed a feverish pitch of dynamite, looking to knock Miriam out. Throwing roughly 100 punches in the first round, and most of them power shots, the Featherweight titlist fighting in the Lightweight division, set the tone for the rest of the night, as the decorated Puerto Rican rocked Gutierrez multiple times in the opening stanza once the 🧰toolkit was open.


Gutierrez landed well in the proceeding rounds to follow, but being that she is an arm puncher, there was no real damage done in order for Serrano to change her fighting tactics. Serrano eased up a bit after the opener, electing to stay behind a consistent work rate as the southpaw worked upstairs and downstairs with the right hook, and the left cross.


The authoritative jab was enough to keep the Spaniard Gutierrez back on her heels, which prevented her from doing what she wanted to do in starting up her plan of attack. Once Amanda kept her in that pocket, she tamed her, and cruised her way towards picking up a wide Unanimous Decision verdict on the scorecards.


An observation worth noting…the faces in the first few rows were very different than what we’re accustomed to seeing. That is neither a negative or a positive, it is just interesting to see what events pull in what type of crowds in how they galvanize attention, and with Serrano’s promotional pairing with the youtuber Paul brothers, she has been able to gravitate new eyes towards her greatness in the ring. Now as for the major fight, we all know what is at stake.

🥇👑🇮🇪“Irish” Katie Taylor is the unbeaten Lightweight Undisputed Champion of the World, and both her and Serrano are universally recognized as being 2 of the 3 best women’s boxers on the planet. Them coming together for a Spring 2022 blockbuster is everything that the sport needs, and will be the biggest event in women’s boxing history. It looks like most hurdles are out the way. Once everything is inked, then we can see the winner there walking the path of being crowned the 👸greatest of all time on that side of the sport.

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