Conor Benn Breaks Out, Delivers Devastating Knockout Over Chris Algieri to Move Steps Closer Towards Elite Welterweight Relevancy

For the son of British all-time favorite 🇬🇧Nigel Benn, rising Welterweight prospect 🇬🇧Conor Benn (20-0-0, 13KO👊) has been sitting at the edge of what separates domestic contenders from world contenders… and while he appears to have crossed that path already prior to this fight, this was the one that was convincing to all of him doing so. Facing veteran 🇺🇸Chris Algieri (25-4-0, 9KO👊), who was determined to work the young, strong 25 year old Brit…was caught cold in the 4th round with a bone crunching 💥right hand for a one punch knockout that will garner some talk of accolade nomination.

Such was a big moment, as the 37 year old Algieri had only been stopped one other time in his career, but this was the only time that he was ever sparked out by one punch variety, which can be used as a statement maker.

Algieri as you would expect tried to use his distance to get space and turn Benn, but Benn showed very impressive head movement while deep in heavily crouched stance, which threw a 🔧monkey wrench into Algieri’s plans by not being able to catch him with any counters, or shots up the middle to keep him in place.

Conor Benn fought by far the 🧠smartest fight of his career up to this point, staying in the right distance, targeting the body with the power jab, and cutting the ring off. There was a called knockdown earlier in the fight, but it was more of a slip, and a cuff to the back of the head more than anything. The optics of it was a sight to see though as Algieri somehow tumbled his way all the way into the ropes.

Algieri, the steady operator, tried to get it going, but he made the fatal flaw of trapping himself on the ropes, then moving the upper body after a jab, right into the range of the big cross, and he was belted on the chin. Algieri was out before his body even began to slowly slump down to the canvas.

The Referee gave him a break, giving him the full 10 count, but Algieri was all out of sorts, thus Conn picking up the strongest win on his resume thus far. There were concerns about Algieri’s health for a minute as he took a while to get up, but after a while, he appears to gather most of his bearings, congratulating Conor for his win on the night.

Benn in his previous outing outpointed Welterweight ⛩️gatekeeper 🇺🇸Adrian Granados, and he did what he did to former world titlist Chris Algieri what no one has been able to do before. While he hasn’t faced top opposition yet, his goal here was met, as he should set parameters by beating fighters in the way that they have never been beaten before, so he gets solid credit here.

He is ready to take on the “B”, and “B+” contingent of the Welterweight world ranks…names such as 🇷🇺Sergey Lipinets, 🇱🇹Egidijus Kavaliauskas, 🇺🇸Jamal James and so forth. Could you imagine the explosive combat that we would get from a Conor Benn vs. 🇷🇺David Avanesyan fight? That is certainly the one to circle for Benn looking to push the odds, but he has plenty of options now in the crowded Welterweight division.


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