Illness Sidelines John Riel Casimero – The Dubai Main Event Between Him and Butler is Now Altered 📰

WBO Bantamweight belt possessor 🇵🇭Joel Riel Casimero (31-4-0, 21KO👊) this weekend was supposed to take on his mandatory opposition in Dubai against 🇬🇧Paul Butler (33-2-0, 15KO👊), however word has surfaced that Casimero dealing with the effects of gastritis, has decided to pull out of the fight altogether.

It is a bit disappointing considering that this fight had implications towards a potential fight with 🇵🇭Nonito Donaire, with synchronicity of both Filipino stars fighting on the same day, in order to fight next, but there is still hope for that contest. As for the Dubai main event…the show must go on. What will they do? Paul Butler will instead fight former Bantamweight titlist 🇬🇭Joseph Agbeko (38-5-0, 28KO👊).

The are rumors circulating that the WBO’s ruling is unclear as to whether they will strip Casimero of world status due to situations that kept arising over the years given his obligations towards appeasing the sanctioning body. There is actually a chance if that happens, where Butler and Agbeko could fight for the WBO trinket if deemed vacant, but for full confirmation, we will wait, see and keep you informed if in fact such drastic measures are taken.

As for Agbeko, many of you will say “wait a minute, the same Joseph Agbeko that fought 🇲🇽Abner Mares a decade ago?” well…yes. He is 44 years old, which is especially ancient for the Bantamweight division – however he has still been active, and ranks as #8 contender by the WBO. The main event will now harbor a more even contest at its core.

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