A Remixed Approach – Japanese Great Tanaka Primed to Return Against Tough Minded Ishida

This will be attempt #2 for the great 🇯🇵Kosei Tanaka (15-1-0, 9KO👊) to ingratiate himself into the thick of the Super-Flyweight 115 lb. division. The former 3-division world titlist and offensive juggernaut the first time around fell short in a Japan super-fight last year on New Years Eve, where he was blasted in the mid-rounds by countrymen and boxing legend 🔱🇯🇵Kazuto Ioka, which resulted in the first loss of Kosei’s career at the age of 26. Certainly coming back, Tanaka has a chip on his shoulder, with something to prove.

His opponent for Saturday will be Japanese former world title challenger 🇯🇵Sho Ishida (29-2-0, 15KO👊). The fight veteran is looking to make the most of his latest step up opportunity, as he sits as a perennial mid-tier contender in the Super-Flyweight ranks, looking to join the crowded party with what would be a monumental win if he were to pull it off.

Kosei is a bona fide great fighter however, so the task is tall. As for Tanaka, the question is, has be fully acclimated himself properly weight wise to the ⚖️115 lb. division, to better prepare him for his quest towards possibly becoming a 4-division titlist? we will have to see. This bout will be fought on Japanese soil, at the 🏟️International Conference Hall in Nagoya Japan, for another fight that falls on December 11th.

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