Late Surge of Isaac Dogboe Thwarts Pitufo Diaz’s Early Work, as Dogboe Walks Away With a Majority Win

This was more of a thinking man’s fight, functioning at a slower pace, but it was still a quality fight between two esteemed Featherweight world contenders. Former Super-Bantamweight titlist 🇬🇭🇬🇧Isaac “Royal Storm” Dogboe, (23-2-0, 15KO👊) found himself trailing in the action early against contender 🇵🇷Christopher “Pitufo” Diaz (26-4-0, 16KO👊) who was putting together quality work from the outside. Understanding the circumstances , Dogboe began to pick up the pace, willing himself back in the fight, and did just enough to secure the 📋Majority Decision victory to defend NABF title – which will push him toward a world title shot next time out against 1 of the 4 titlists.

Pitufo early on showcased superior boxing acumen in a carefully fought scene by both in the opening round, sticking behind the jab, and utilizing superior footwork to turn Dogboe every time he looked to committing to get on the inside.

Dogboe started to activate the double jab to the belly, but Diaz was very sharp, periodically stringing together 1-2-3 combinations, and getting out of the firing range, taking advantage of the shorter reach, and stagnant feet of the hardnosed Ghanaian fighter.


Pitufo began to mix up his sequences in the third round, jabbing to the pit of the stomach to off-set rhythm, and ripping off a couple of strong lead left hooks that seemed to slightly buzz Dogboe, buzzing him enough to keep him from charging in recklessly.

Dogboe was noticeably more patient in this fight due to his time with new Head-Trainer 🥋Barry Hunter, but for the game plan being to box with a boxer seemed very counterintuitive considering what he needed to do in order to get a step ahead of what the elusive Diaz was doing in controlling him in space in the moment.

Dogboe finally began to pick 📈up the pace a bit in the 6th frame, which was his best work of the fight up to that point, as he began to commit more on right hand leads, in a less predictable line of attack, landing 🎯cleanly enough for Diaz to do a bit more retreating than we had seen up to this point.

The problem with Dogboe however showed as a microcosm in the 7th round, as he fought in spurts, putting together quality work, then taking long periods of the round off, giving Diaz opportunities to regain some control, but Dogboe’s momentum still didn’t wane.


To try and stop Isaac’s attack, Pitufo in round 8 began to come forward, actively trying to land the lead cross / side-step sequence that 👑🇵🇭Manny Pacquiao mastered, but Diaz didn’t follow up much on it, and Dogboe went to work, hammering the body, and landing the counter left hook upstairs, while controlling the tempo of the action through round 9.

In the 10th, and final round, it was Dogboe who was proving that he wanted it more, pressing the action, firing the cross up top, and shooting the left hook to the ribs. While he didn’t manage to hurt Pitufo, his sheer volume of effectiveness shined strong down the stretch to the 🛎️final bell of the bout.

Overall it was a solid, thinking man’s fight. It wasn’t particularly entertaining in terms of sustained combat, but both fighters deserve credit for their respective performances that they put up. With credible scores of 📝95-95, 96-94, and a very questionable 97-93 tally, 🇬🇭🇬🇧Isaac Dogboe was awarded the Majority Decision victory – a strong win to have on his resume.

Pitufo was shocked, believing that he had done enough given the effective early work, but it was Dogboe’s surge in the backend of the fight that secured it for him. For Diaz, he has no reason to hang his head, as he continuously proves to be a world class contender in his own right. This victory should propel Dogboe towards getting a Featherweight title shot, impressive considering that many felt that he was done.


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