The Bold and the Brash Set to Clash – Crawford Gets Welterweight Test That He Was in Need of, While Determined Porter Looks to Do Everything to Overthrow the Champ

Written by Tré Berry III✍️🖊️ | 11/15/2021

Two of the most stubborn pugilists in the sport of boxing are contracted to meet center-ring, at the 🏨Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, November 20th. If you have been following the sport for the bulk of the last decade, then you are privy to the ⛓️PBC and ⛓️Top-Rank tribalism wars that have prevented many top fights from happening, or drastically delayed those fights in taken them past its expired date of relevancy.

Reigning unbeaten P4P Monarch and 3-division titlist/current WBO Welterweight world champ 🔱🇺🇸Terence “Bud” Crawford (37-0-0, 28KO👊) has fallen into that 🕸️tangled-web the second that he got to the 147 lb. division, with most of the weight classes relevant boxers residing over on Premier Boxing Champions side of the coin.

The blame game isn’t a necessary component as to whom it is more geared directly towards, in an instance where one fighter has made himself available, for Bud Crawford to get a glimpse behind the proverbial 🧱wall that sits between the two powerhouse promotional companies.


Former amateur standout and 2-time world Welterweight Titlist 🇺🇸“Showtime” Shawn Porter (31-3-1, 17KO👊) has unquestionably been the dog of this division, since his emergence at 147 lbs. eight years ago when he secured back-to-back-to-back victories over 🇲🇽Julio Diaz, 🇺🇸Devon Alexander, and 🇺🇸Paulie “Magic Man” Malignaggi. Firmly establishing himself as a top main-stay threat throughout the years, he hasn’t been able to always win his big fights, but he certainly has won his fair share of them, and has a claim that even in those bouts lost, he has yet to be dominated by anyone in his 3 losses within his 13 years as a pro.

These two fighters grew up together around boxing circles that had them harboring in the same space, and both have forged a great friendship with one another over that duration of time, but make no mistake about it – 📍here we have 2 innately stubborn competitors who will cast that relationship to the side, as what they share in common, will force them to put the best version of themselves up against the other, understanding that each stands in the way of what they seek.

Porter wants to prove he can win the 🔝BIG-big fight, and will do everything within his power to make Bud uncomfortable during their time in the ring, while Terence Crawford now finally has his opportunity to show his full slate of abilities, and what he can do against one of the higher ranked Welterweights in the world.


One is a 🔪Swiss-Army-knife with an unparalleled mean streak, while the other is a relentless Freight-train of persistence, tenacity, and self belief, and neither one will be giving up an inch during their high profile Welterweight contest. The boxing pantheon’s collective thought is in near unison, with the belief that this will be a high octane war of a competitive fight.

This one will be broadcast by 💻💲ESPN PAY-PER-VIEW for the world to see. The undercard has a serious co-main event on the bill, that can be seen as a 50/50 affair in the Featherweight division, while other intriguing talent also has assignments on the card altogether. Tune in on Saturday night to see how it all plays out in this high profile contest.


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