The Day of Shock – Kiko Martinez Scores Massive Upset Victory Over Kid Galahad to Become IBF World Featherweight Titlist, Making Spanish History in the Moment

It’s difficult to state what had just taken place. If you were watching the bout, 🇶🇦🇬🇧Kid Galahad (28-2-0, 17KO👊) was in full control of the fight, using his superior physical prowess to nullify, and muffle the sequences 🇪🇸Kiko Martinez (43-10-2, 32KO👊) was looking to string together…but the 35 year old Spaniards persistence ultimately paid off in the long run, while Galahad’s complacency, and his tendency (for this fight alone) to leave his chin up in the air got him in trouble.

The last thing that leaves an aging fighter is power – something that Martinez always possessed, and he blasted Galahad with a beautiful 💥sweeping right hand to the jaw while Galahad dropped his guard hand, dropping down flat on his back at the end of the 5th round. In the moment, Galahad was lucky to get out of the round, as there was no time left after the administered count.

He unfortunately looked to have never recovered, and as soon as he came out for the 6th round, a deja vu moment came as Kiko iced him with the same exact punch, the lead 💣right arching hook…in the same set scenario, with Kid dropping his left hand again, getting clipped, and dropping back to the mat, on his back once again.



The Referee immediately stopped the fight, and the crowd at 🏟️Sheffield Arena was absolutely befuddled…defeated if you will, as their two home headliner stars in the main event, and co-main event were both knocked out in fights that they were each favored in.

At least in 🇬🇧Terri Harper’s case, 🇺🇸Alycia Baumgardner’s current threat level was widely noted, so it didn’t come to THAT much of a surprise…but considering that Kiko Martinez’s best days were perceived gone (a lot of mileage on top of being 🗓️35 years of age), and him losing fights to lesser competition in his later years, this came as a surprise to most of us – certainly not Kiko Martinez, who stated that he rededicated his life to boxing 3 years ago, to get himself back into full form.

This will rank easily as one of the biggest Upsets of 2021, and it now has to be known as “The year of the Spaniard” considering that Kiko Martinez had just pulled off, and a call back to what fellow countryman 🇪🇸Sandor Martin did in pulling off a massive surprise victory over 4-division world titlist 🇺🇸Mikey Garcia a month ago.

Asked by the broadcast team whether this now will make him the best fighter of all time from Spain’s region of the world, he remained humble and flat out said “no”, naming Super-Welterweight longtime relevant boxer 🇪🇸Javier Castillejo, and others of being worthy of that distinctive honor.

Kiko more than anything is happy about all the work being put in that this later stage of his career coming to fruition, and paying off, now winning a world title in a second weight division, and resetting the revolving doors of a constantly changing Featherweight division at the top of the ticket. It is especially satisfying, as the masses laughed at this fight when it was made, with the notion that Kiko wasn’t a worthy foe.

As for Galahad, with his struggles to make weight over the years, maybe it’s time to move to Super-Featherweight which seems like a more natural weight for him at this present time.  He has had a solid chin over his career, and had taken some big shots here and there, but his punch resistance in this fight didn’t appear to be the same.

Now make no mistake about it whatsoever…Kiko landed those 2 massive shots, and he always packed the punch to 🧊ice you in that regard, but in Abdul-Bari’s case 📍(Galahad’s real first name if you didn’t know) something was amiss in the bout. Losing his title in the process, he wasn’t able to defend it once, and considering how he lost, this one will undoubtedly stick to him for a long, long time. There is too much emphasis on losses in boxing…..but this will have a much bigger effect on the 31 year old. Back to the drawing board for Galahad, who has some decisions to make going forward.


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