Terri Harper Knocked Out on Her Feet in Front of Home Crowd, as Alycia Baumgardner Stuns Shocked Sheffield Arena Crowd to Win Title

For what it was worth, this was by far the most intriguing match-up on the card being held at 🏟️Sheffield Arena, and it was for good reason. 🇺🇸Alycia Baumgardner (11-1-0, 7KO👊) was slated to give 🇬🇧Terri “Belter” Harper (11-1-1, 6KO👊) her stiffest competition thus far in her career, and she did much more than just that. Having a firm command of the fight early on, Baumgardner caught Harper with a 🖼️picture-perfect right hand counter, that knocked her unconscious, and was out of her feet. Baumgardner shocked those at the arena, to become the new WBC Super-Featherweight world belt holder, living up to her nickname, officially known as 💣“the Bomb”.

The brazen Baumgardner came forward, activating the loose jab and looking to find Terri coming in, and did so a couple of times while stepping off the the side within the sequence. Terri applied the mental pressure early looking to speed up the American fighter, to increase he likelihood of her making a mistake, and getting her out of her gameplan.


Baumgardner fought more off the backfoot in the second round, and landed a right hand that stiffened the legs of the Champion. Baumgardner stepped up the action looking to get her down, though she got sloppily in her technique to where she couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity that presented.

Harper played keep-away, looking to gather her bearings, and regain her feet underneath her – a strong start by the American. As the third round was underway, Harper heeded the advice of her corner, to press the action in the stanza, with the understanding that Baumgardner may has gassed out by shooting her load in the previous round.

Baumgardner naturally a counterpuncher, seemed to have Harper’s timing ⌚down, and displayed a good deal of accuracy throughout. Harper had herself a much better third round, but she had difficulty snatching momentum back in her favor.

The big moment came for Baumgardner came in the 4th when she landed a beautiful counter 💥right hand that literally knocked Harper out on her feet, who turned her back, and was no longer aware of her surroundings. Baumgardner charged in to throw one more left hook, and 🕴🏻Referee Mark Lyson properly stepped in to stop the fight.


The American Baumgardner was ecstatic about the moment she had just pulled off, defeating a highly rated Super-Featherweight, en route to winning her first ever legitimate title with world distinction attached to it – that being the green 🟢WBC Super-Featherweight title at age 27.

The talk leading up to this bout was that this was going to be one very difficult opponent for Terri Harper to face, and the word on the street was right. A shocked, stunned crowd at the packed 🏟️Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England showcased a mixture of shock, disappointment, and concern for their hero, but they shouted her name “Terry, Terry, Terry” as Alycia celebrated holding up her title belt. It will be safe to say that Harper will be back…but take a bow Baumgardner – this is your moment to shine, and your moment only.


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