A War Breaks Out in Virgin Hotels – Despite Terrible Scores, Mikaela Mayer and Maiva Hamadouche Put on a Show, and Mayer Walks Away a Ring-Magazine World Champion

Who says that it is just the men that produce wars in the ring? Immediately from the get-go, WBO Super-Featherweight World Titlist 👑🇺🇸Mikaela Mayer (16-0-0, 5KO👊), and IBF world titlist 🇫🇷Maiva Hamadouche (22-2-0, 18KO👊) went to work at a feverish pitch, and neither refused to budge in their pursuit of combat, as the bout was 95% fought in closed quarters, with both trying to exert their will over the other to establish positioning.

Maiva had her moments, but it was Mayer’s power surprisingly that seemed to have a bigger effect on the French-woman. Hamadouche continued to wail away, but Mayer later in the bout fought intelligently to get command of the middle of the ring, and did enough to secure the victory. The 📝scoring was abysmal, and it did not reflect the bout whatsoever, but the correct hand was raised, and Mayer was awarded the inaugural Ring-Magazine world title.



Fists were flying immediately when the 🛎️first bell sounded, with Mayer landing 2 heavy right hands to a charging in Hamadouche. A firefight broke out, with Mayer staying aggressive, looking to get the power-punchers respect, while Hamadouche continued to bang away at the ribs, and with combinations upstairs to make her mark.

The second round was much of the same, as Mayer bent down, constantly shoveling the left hooks to the body, while Hamadouche did her work in closed quarters, and took a hard step in every time Mikaela was looking to re-establish some distance, being forced to fight the type of fight that Maiva wanted, and where she thrives.

The third round was a beauty for Mayer, as she made an emphasis to throw, and land first. She began to link 3 punch combinations upstairs, catching Hamadouche in mid-step walking in, and opening up to fire. Mikaela landed her first significant 💪🏼left hook of the fight that wobbled Maiva backwards.


Hamadouche wasn’t gunshy though, continuing to swing away the rest of the round. In the 4th stanza, an increasingly confident Mikaela came in with a hook attack, and bit down on the gumshield, seemingly getting more and more comfortable as if she figured out Hamadouche’s overall ⌚timing, what she likes to throw, and what she could take.

If there were any questions about the inner dog of Mayer…they quickly subsided, considering the way she was dealing with the level of threat she was in with, electing to stand and trade. Hamadouche however is like a tempered piece of 🗜️steel that is seemingly unbreakable, and she continued to press forward, landing some flush right hands to the head…though Mayer took the power better than we anticipated.

By round 7, Mikaela began to mix it up a bit, picking her spots to brawl and use her physical frame to brace Hamadouche to get leverage on her hooks to the body, and circling outward to box, recreate distance, and get a routine 💨breather as Hamadouche began to lean over her front foot, out of position. Towards the back of the round, Mikaela hurt Hamadouche twice with strong double right hands that shook the legs of the French world titlist, feeling the full impact.

Round 9, both showed some wear and tear, but they didn’t show any real signs of fatigue as they were both in impeccable shape, and willing to take whatever the other dishes, in order to inflict their own damage. Both possessing “Grade A” chins, and hearts the size of the arena at Virgin Hotels, they fought like true champs down the stretch of the 10th round, and traded power punches all the way through to the 🛎️final bell, which brought a loud ovation from the crowd, who fully appreciated what had just taken place.

The scorecards were absolutely terrible (I mean…do you expect anything else at this point?) The scorecards were 📝98-92, 99-91, and 100-90. All of the judges should be reprimanded…but you know nothing legitimate will come of it.

Nonetheless, the right woman had her hand raised, and the first to hoist the inaugural 👑RING-MAGAZINE Super-Featherweight world title is Mikaela Mayer, who more than proved herself for the extensive TV and media coverage that she has garnered over the last 3 years.


She is here to stay, and she is the Champion of the division. She has plans to become Undisputed World Champion, and hoisting the RING, IBF and WBO Titles, the other two titlists are dangerous opponents who are lurking in the bushes – that being unbeaten WBC world titlist 🇬🇧Terri Harper and undefeated WBA titlist 🇰🇷Hyun Mi Choi.

As for the significance of the war that had broken out, this will rank well historically when it comes to great women fights of the past, and it was a great spectacle period, gender out of the equation. One of the best fights of 🗓️2021, this was certainly one that was needed for the women’s side of the sport that is actively going out, and looking for the kind of respect that mirrors the level of constant risks that they take.

Who knows, perhaps those who are detractors of the sport, or on the fringe when it comes to women boxers galvanizing their interest, maybe it will be this fight that begins to change a few minds about their prospects altogether❓ Time will tell.

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