Top Flight Super-Featherweight Action on the Way – Jamel Herring Gears Up to Face Shakur Stevenson in Highly Anticipated Title Bout

There is a ton of talent in the ⚖️130 lb. ranks, and many fights to be made in the near future. Considering that we haven’t gotten to the point yet of their paths all crossing with one another, there is a vacancy atop the division in terms of one who garners 👑Lineal status. On Saturday night, we will have a big building block towards spearheading that process.

A former Marine Sergeant during his time in the service for country, 🇺🇸Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring (23-2-0, 11KO👊) put in the work necessary to make his boxing dreams come true, and then some. Currently holding the WBO Super-Featherweight title, and being ranked as the #1 fighter in the division by Ring-Magazine, his work is just getting started…but he will be going up against by far the most talented fighter he will face, and that comes in the form of a younger who has generational talent written all over him.

2016 ◯‍◯‍◯‍◯‍◯Olympic Silver-Medalist, and former WBO Featherweight world titlist 🥈🇺🇸Shakur “Fearless” Stevenson (16-0-0, 8KO👊) over the years in his young career, has shown rapid improvement physically, skillwise, and between the ears, becoming one of the best talents in the sport, and appears to have a bright future ahead of him if he stays out of trouble.

At just 🗓️24 years of age, he hasn’t been shy about voicing his ambitions on getting suitable talent in the right, to prove his worth, and show what he’s able to do with some pushback. Considering that Herring worked himself into the realm of a top fighter, this is the perfect litmus test for the youngster, to see where he is at in his maturation as a man/boxer, and if he can handle what someone like Herring can dish out.

Jamel’s last time in the ring was 6 months ago, where he picked up his signature win over revered 2-division world titlist 🇬🇧Carl “The Jackal” Frampton, whom he stopped in the sixth round of their contest, and sent the Irish great into the pathway of retirement.

In that fight, Herring showed new wrinkles, and nuance to his game that was brought forth by his time in the gym with Head-Trainer 🥋BOMAC (Brian McIntyre), whose stable he joined a little while back, and has benefitted in developing a friendship with one of the era’s great boxers in🔱🇺🇸Terence “Bud” Crawford, who took Jamel under his wing, taking up the role of a mentor in many ways.

Now Shakur’s previous outing was against 🇳🇦Jeremiah Nakathila, whom Stevenson blanked out in a shutout performance in a decision victory. It wasn’t an entertaining bout in the slightest, but it showed his levels of effectiveness as a boxer. The one question that has resulted from that fight however is if Stevenson possesses that internal killer instinct (like 🔱🇺🇸Terence Crawford, who also mentors Stevenson) to take his opponent out once he is completely neutralized, and ripe for the picking, being that Shakur let his foot off the gas pedal regarding Nakathila.

Perhaps he needed a top notch boxer like Herring to force him to bite down to show that extra dimension, so this bout here could possibly reveal more of what Stevenson is about regarding the vitals portion of the overall picture.

They will fight this bout in Atlanta, at the 🏟️State Farm Arena, and will be broadcast by both 💻ESPN, and ESPN+ services. The incentive is all there to tune in, as these are 2 of the 5 best fighters in the talent-laden 130 lb. ranks, with both of them having high aspirations, trying to jockey into position towards getting closer to sitting on the throne that sits atop the Super-Featherweight ranks. October 23rd is the date, and Saturday all but promises fireworks inside the ring.


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