Pain in Revelation For Kownacki Accepting the Circumstances, and Rejuvenation Revisited by Helenius

For most of us, the fight result the first time around came as a massive surprise to us, and brought forth confusion as to what happened. They decided to run it back again, and once again, 🇵🇱Adam Kownacki (20-2-0, 15KO👊) came in as the betting favorite…but the “Nordic Nightmare” 🇸🇪🇫🇮Robert Helenius (31-3-0, 20KO👊) came out more determined this time around, and more confident in his abilities. His power was cracking like a whip, and he blasted

Kownacki around the ring from the get-go, breaking his left orbital bone, already planting the 🌳seeds of doubt into the Polish fighter’s psyche, which quickly sprouted out of control, receiving droves of punishment along the way.


Right hands, left hooks, uppercuts…Helenius had his way as if he was hitting the heavy bag, and Kownacki made it rather easy for him, coming through the front door (a way of saying he came straight forward), with no head movement, lack of defense, and no level changes. The beating Kownacki took started to become concerning by the third round.

Understanding the direction the fight was going, with a pending knockout to come, or significant damage being done, Kownacki unleashed a series of low-blows as a way to say that he wanted out. After the final low-blow in the 6th round, acting Referee 🕴🏽Celestino Ruiz had enough, and disqualified Kownacki, resulting in the loss that was to come inevitably.


For years, the 32 year old Adam Kownacki has ranked well as a Heavyweight contender, and one of Brooklyn’s most popular current fighters, but his style of take two punches, to deliver two back has finally caught up to him in the long run, and it seems like his seemingly inhuman ability to absorb punches has finally cracked, which hinders the skills that he has predicated on that style of fighting, and at this point, it not only takes him out of the running for a title shot, it may take him out of the contender seat as a top-20 world Heavyweight, on a 📉significant downslide.

As for Helenius, he showed promise at a young age a couple of decades ago, and defeated a couple notable Heavyweights. In years to follow, he suffered some serious setbacks brought forth by losses and inconsistent performances.

To see the now-37 year old “Nordic Nightmare” put it together at this juncture of his career is a solid sight to see, as he never gave up on himself, nor his abilities. Will he get a title shot❓ who knows…but he certainly increased his chances…and if not…then he put himself in the running to make some more money, and get some bigger fights to secure.


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