Frank Sanchez Ascends to New Level of Heavyweight Relevance, While Efe Ajagba Experiences Defeat For the First Time in Promising Career

We don’t often have 2 promising, talented young undefeated contenders on the come-up ⚔️meet before each make some sort of splash on the Championship level these days, so it has to be appreciated when two decide to take their risk proving their worth against one another. Cuba’s 🇨🇺Frank Sanchez (19-0-0, 13KO👊) has a very well-rounded skill-set among the big men of the sport, and the 29 year old can make a very interesting argument for being the current best Cuban among the Heavyweight ranks.

For Frank to get the notoriety that commands equal claim with those skills, he needed a suitable dance partner, and on Saturday, he certainly got one, as he squared off against talented Nigerian, and fellow unbeaten prospect 🇳🇬Efe Ajagba (15-1-0, 12KO👊), who was also taking a risk, looking to jump lightyears ahead in the pecking order in terms of the big 💵money/acclaim fights. Efe is 27 years old, and has always been professional about his business.

Coming in to the fight, many people (including us) felt that this was the most intriguing match-up on the card, even over the headliner attraction of 👑🇬🇧Tyson Fury vs. 🥉🇺🇸Deontay Wilder, but what resulted wasn’t particularly an entertaining scrap to watch, falling short on it’s value…but it was a decently fought fight. What we essentially learned throughout their 10 rounds together are sticking point for their careers going forward, strengths and negatives.

As for Sanchez, him being under the 🥋Eddy Reynoso tree is a perfect boxer/Trainer marriage, and you could see the synergy, as the solid ⚖️240 lb. Cuban was light on his feet, quick, and shifty enough to outsmart, and out-stick Ajagba in a well-orchestrated attack, that made Efe appear as if his feet were stuck in molasses.


Ajagba is very fundamental with his stance in the mid-range, but the constant level changes, and movement from Sanchez revealed that Efe at this point of his young career, doesn’t possess dimensions outside of his base style, and was stuck in the midrange, at Sanchez whim, who played it smart and stayed in a range where Ajagba’s feet wouldn’t allow him to get to.


Acting Referee 🕴🏽Mike Ortega missed a knockdown call, but Sanchez being down was more-so the fluke/flash knockdown variety. As for Sanchez later in the fight, he scored a legitimate knockdown, putting the imposing Nigerian down in the seventh stanza.


Ajagba got up to finish the rest of the fight, but didn’t put forth the sense of urgency needed in stepping on the gas late, down in the fight, and Sanchez cruised to a 10 round Unanimous Decision. Frank can now set himself on a path of fighting some fighter of higher note, in a Heavyweight division that is finally starting to deliver on some promises.

Ajagba is good, with a 💡bright future, but this fight shows that there’s work to be done, to diversify his attack. He can learn many of these tactics, and the loss shouldn’t be held over his head, he is in fact…a prospect, who is still learning on the job – so maybe one day he will graduate to world status.

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