Running it Back For a Third Time – Wilder Has Something Extra To Prove, While Fury Wants To Close the Door For Good On this Rivalry

Apparently, there is unfinished business to tend to here. Now last week’s earthquake-causing performance by the now-other titlist has caused an ongoing discussion as to who really is the best Heavyweight….but what is not to be debated…is that 👑🇬🇧Tyson “Gypsy King” Fury (30-0-1, 21KO👊) is thee Heavyweight World Champion, and is in possession of the RING & WBC World Titles. Given that his mega-blockbuster fight with a fellow Brit fell through due to a court ruling (and perhaps some inside gamesmanship), both lost out on the immediate opportunity to become Undisputed World Champion, and to make over $100 million for their efforts.

In comes his rival, who forced himself back in position to challenge for the Heavyweight Championship of the world, that being former unbeaten ever-dangerous power puncher, and former WBC title holder 🥉🇺🇸Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-1-1, 41KO👊👊) to run it back for a third fight.

Truthfully we learned all we needed to learn from the first couple of fights, with Tyson Fury clearly winning the saga, to where there wasn’t the feel of the need by the public for them to square off once again, but since it is happening, it has to be a fight that is one to be acknowledged…and a new set of circumstances means that nothing is exactly set in stone as to how the fight will roll out, and who will be ultimately left sitting in the 💺throne as the ruler of the division.

Quite frankly, Deontay Wilder post-second fight with Fury, embarrassed himself with the way he treated former Trainer 🥋Mark Breland for merely doing his job and protecting him from further punishment, and 🪓wielding a slew of unfounded excuses that left a permanent sour taste in the mouths of many people, and for very understandable reasons.

I can’t say it is a blessing in disguise (because it should’ve never happened the manner in which it did), but Wilder’s hiring of former opponent 🥋Malik Scott to take over the reigns as his new Head-Trainer, has finally allowed Wilder to open up to new ideas and tactics in the ring, instead of simply over-relying on his 🎬Thor-like right hand to get him through anything, which had finally caught up to him.

Of course we will have to tangibly see whether he can implement the new gameplan incorporated with a sustained body attack, side to side movement, and counterpunching that we have seen in 🎥random clips released by the Wilder camp, and whether Deontay can keep his composure if these tactics prove not to work in the early going, to where he finds himself behind, and frustrated given the events of the match, and the ghosts of the previous fight, suffering his lone defeat.

New tactics from a dynamite power puncher + the sometimes carefree approach of the Champion Fury leaves the door cracked open, for any set of potential outcomes to happen, in the case of both fighters, so we can expect anything to go down here. Fury’s Head-Trainer 🥋Sugar Hill Steward insists that Fury will come in at a 📈heavier weight for this contest.

We’re not quite sure whether that’ll be a good thing, to further use that weight to lean on Wilder with, or if it will make him sluggish enough to increase the chances of getting caught with a sledgehammer. As for Wilder, he decided that he needed to bulk back up in the 🏋🏿weight room, to try to offset that tactic used by Fury in the second fight, as he constantly used his weight and leaned on Wilder in clinches, which took much of the starch from his legs, and sapped his stamina.

This fight here headlines an all Heavyweight 💲FOX-PPV card, and harbors three very interesting contests in the division, and an argument can be made that Fury/Wilder III isn’t even the most intriguing bout scheduled to take place. For the 2nd time in a row, they will fight in Las Vegas…but this time, Fury and Wilder will take their act to the 🏟️T-Mobile Arena, which is gaining some real traction in the boxing world as another venue that is becoming a fixture in hosting major bouts. The bout will take place on October 9th, and is certainly a card to pay attention to in its entirety.


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