A Warriors Tears – The Hardwork, Dedication, and Time Away Pays Off, Felt All in One Moment After Learning of His Monumental Victory in the Heavyweight Ranks 🖼️

The talk of the 🌍world right now is 🔱🇺🇦Oleksandr Usyk (19-0-0, 13KO👊), and for obvious reasons, as he brazenly walked down a giant as David, and slayed Goliath without a slingshot. Usyk has always been this good…but given the notoriety of his opponent, the 📺mainstream public finally got a chance to see the immensely gifted Ukrainian in action, and he fully took advantage of the opportunity, pulling out all the stops, and showing that you can stand tall as a multi-dimensional threat amongst the big boys of the sport.

Usyk when interviewed right after it was revealed that he is the new Unified WBA/WBO/IBF Heavyweight World Titlist, stated (paraphrasing what he said to us in English) 🗣️that he is twice as happy now, as when he proposed to his now-wife 11 years ago. Now he may have to answer to that back home behind 🚪closed doors (laughs), but I’m sure she understands exactly where he is coming from, as Oleksandr lives and breathes boxing – further emphasizing that was his analogy in the final press conference the Thursday before the fight, saying he feels like a 🦜bird whenever it is let out of the cage, the feeling of freedom whenever he is privileged to grace a boxing ring.

He may feel that way, but the privilege is ours, as what he brings to the table is a rarity to the sport, especially for the ranks of the big men of the Heavyweight division. He is 🗓️34 years old, and will turn 35 in January, but he appears to still be fresh for his age, which is a good sign, considering that he feels there is still more to accomplish, and more work to be done, to put himself in a position to perhaps, one day…become thee 👑Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

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