No Clear Video To Find – But the Loud Point Had Already Been Made – Masamichi Yabuki Shocks the Boxing World With Physical Upset Victory Over Kenshiro Teraji 🗾

There appears to be no real 🎥footage to base our analysis on, therefore it makes it difficult to write a detailed piece on what happened out in Japan – but even with that, it wouldn’t feel right for us to go through the week without acknowledging one of boxing’s biggest upsets of the year 2021.

With 8 official world title defenses under his belt, 🇯🇵Kenshiro Teraji (18-1-0, 10KO👊) wanted to keep the ball rolling, but #10 ranked Ring-Magazine Light-Flyweight contender (coming in) 🇯🇵Masamichi Yabuki (13-3-0, 12KO👊) apparently beat up, battered and bloodied Kenshiro for 10 rounds to secure the TKO victory, to become the new 🟢WBC world Light-Flyweight titlist, completely shuffling the line-up atop the division, commanding a new spotlight upon himself.

As for Kenshiro, this was the first defeat of his 19 fight career, and has to be one of those losses that will sting – given that he uncharacteristically started to mouth off with a bit of a cocky disposition, seemingly neglecting the threat of the then-challenger coming into this contest.

Coming into this contest, Kenshiro was ranked as the #1 challenger behind 👑🇯🇵Hiroto Kyoguchi’s RING Championship standing on top of the ⚖️108 lb. weight class. Surely there will be a shuffling of the deck once they take their vote on how to assess the fight, and where to rank each fighter respectively. Here are some 🖼️pictures captured of the action.






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