Katie Taylor Showcases Her Class Over Skilled, Respected Jennifer Han – Secures UD to Defend Her Lightweight World Titles

It was an entertaining bout in spots, as 👑🥇🇮🇪“Irish” Katie Taylor (19-0-0, 6KO👊), and 🇺🇸Jennifer Han (18-4-1, 1KO👊) put their best foot forward in representing themselves. Katie as she is accustomed to doing, proved to be a couple of levels over the former world titlist from El Paso, and worked her way towards a Unanimous Decision victory, securing her 11th straight title defense, and her 4th defense since becoming Undisputed World Champion.

From the onset, Taylor was in stalker mode while Han was giving up a lot of ground, perhaps with a bit of intimidation being felt in the opening seconds. Han was looking to establish a jab early to get a little respect from the bigger Taylor. Katie remained measured, and cut the ring off, turning up the pressure on the El Paso native. Towards the end of the first, Han started to stand her ground a more in middle distance, and here is where the chess game started.

Han was proving to be a bit difficult to hit, and showcased some impressive skills that brings perspective to her championship run in years prior. Katie worked the body a bit in the second round, looking to soften up the target, and take some of the starch out of her legs. There were many clinches in the 3rd round, with Taylor being the better work overall in those skirmishes.


Katie’s ⌚timing improved by round 4 as she appeared to have a better beat on Han’s rhythm and movement. Jennifer landed some respectable shots, mixing it up, but Taylor, finding her right distance began to let her hands go with success, landing well with the left hook, right hand upstairs, and targeting the chest area. Han’s skills are very respected, however she didn’t have the type of power needed to chip away at Katie’s confidence. Katie resorted to use the right hand lead often in the 5th stanza with success.

Katie in round 6 began to muscle the smaller Han, and further concentrated her attack on the body. Credit to Han, she didn’t lose any confidence in those exchanges, and looked to fight fire with fire, far more so than she was doing in the opening minutes of the bout. By round 8, both of Han’s eyes began to puff up from the accumulative damage. Katie put her down on the canvas with a combination for a flash knockdown. Han got up, and continued to gut it out. Katie’s aggression ramped up by the 9th stanza, looking to rubberstamp her performance. Han was trying to counter with her right hand, while Katie was relying on the left hook.

SIDE NOTE🔎 Jennifer Han reminds us of a female version of 🇺🇸Paulie Malignaggi…..style, substance, lacks power, yet incredibly gutsy, so even in the backend of the fight, she showed plenty of guts fighting Katie tooth and nail, while Taylor produced the more consistent work. By way of the Judges, Katie Taylor got the Unanimous decision nod, and picked up her 11th title defense, and 4th defense of her undisputed holding over the female Lightweight division.


The judges had it a shutout, perhaps a bit too wide, and didn’t reflect Han’s efforts, but Taylor of course was dominant in there from the points perspective. In our opinion, she has had tighter outings with her technique, but she was still very effective in securing her victory, and picking up her 19th professional win.

In the post-fight press conference, she stated with confidence that she will retire undefeated, and that she wants the biggest names that are out there, most notably those being a historic level event with 👑🇵🇷Amanda Serrano, or a rematch with former foe 👑🇺🇸Jessica McCaskill, who has grown exponentially since her loss to Taylor. Katie has been the model of consistency for the sport, and whoever she fights next, entertainment is guaranteed.

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