An Accidental Headbutt Halts the Rematch Between Warrington and Lara in the 2nd Round, and the Bout Was Ruled a Technical Draw

This fight was largely anticipated by hardcore boxing fans, and especially those in Leeds, at 🏟️Headingly Rugby League Stadium who were looking to cheer 🇬🇧Josh “Leeds Warrior” Warrington (30-1-1, 7KO👊) for some redemption, however a bad headbutt that occurred in the 2nd round split and opened up a horrible cut over 🇲🇽Mauricio “Bronco” Lara’s (23-2-1, 16KO👊) left eye, and after examination from a Ringside Physician, the fight ended after that second frame, rendering the fight a 📋“Technical Draw”. Naturally both fighters were gutted after the time they put into the preparation, and with the fireworks produced in those 6 min prior to the stoppage. Here is how the fight broke down up to the end point.

Wondering what style of fight Warrington would use, Josh noticeably stood his ground in middle distance, taking up the angles, and keeping both of his hands up for the high guard. Mauricio Lara consistently targeted the body with the left hook, and winged his roundhouse right hand, which seems to be a staple of his, though he was falling short of the mark with it early. For Josh’s confidence, opening up the fight with a strong opening round was welcoming, and gave him some momentum to work with.


Round 2, both combatants roughed it out a bit on the inside, looking to impose their physicality, as well as their mental will over the other. An accidental headbutt caused a 🩸cut to form…a nasty cut over Lara’s 👁️left eye that was the length of his eyebrow, and he looked to be in a great deal of pain from the impact. As the action continued, Lara picked up the aggression with body hands to the body, and trying to sneak the uppercut in to split the guard. Josh was looking for another fight, perhaps to the surprise of some after what went down in the first fight, however this time around, he was far more disciplined in his pursuit of the type of war he wanted to enact, and did a far better job parrying off Lara’s power.

What looked like a promising fight however abruptly came to an end as the 🩺Ringside Physician took a long look at the grotesque nature of the cut, and waived the fight off. Per the rules, with the fight being stopped due to damage from an accidental headbutt inside of 4 rounds, this contest was ruled a 📋Technical Draw. Fans in attendance were disappointed, as they had anticipated this bout since the moment it was announced, however they appeared to be understanding of the circumstances that had unfolded here.


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