Rau’shee Warren Destroys Damien Vazquez With a Power Display That He Hasn’t Shown Since Ammy Days

Three-time U.S. Olympian, and former WBA Bantamweight World Titlist 🇺🇸Rau’shee Warren (19-3-0, 5KO👊) had a big reputation in the amateur ranks of being a massive puncher, with some notable boxers supporting that claim with their stories. For some reason, his power hadn’t translated to the pros – whether he had hand problems, or him deliberately changing his fighting style.

For this contest, he promised that he would sit down on his punches more to get the type of effect he used to be known to have, and it was a remarkable difference, as he busted up, bludgeoned, and battered opponent 🇺🇸Damien Vazquez (15-3-1, 8KO👊), blitzing him, getting him out of there by an eye-catching 2nd round knockout, that caught a swell from the portion of the crowd that made their way into the arena, and found their seats.

Rau’shee IMMEDIATELY came out guns-a-blazing, and the torque delivered in his punches, as well as the sound they made on contact was something completely different to see and listen to, whenever we’re talking about Warren fights as a professional. He belted Vazquez with a ⚡lightning quick right hook that robbed Damien of his coordination, and he tipped over back, and to the right, onto the canvas.

Vazquez got back on his feet, but Rau’shee Warren (we should call him Nuke for this one) never let up, and punished Damien at every turn, doing so throughout the rest of the contest.


Round 2, Warren landed a beautiful 💣bomb of a left cross that made Vazquez do the chicken dance…and as soon as his knee touched down, the Referee felt like he had enough punishment for the day, signaling the end of the fight…Rau’shee Warren bringing out the fireworks for a surprise display of explosive power.  They used to call him “Nuke” for that exact reason…well we say he should bring Nuke to every single fight, and it’ll make him that much more dangerous, pairing with his boxing ability. He desires to fight WBO Bantamweight World Titlist 🇵🇭John Riel Casimero (31-4-0, 21KO👊) for a big showdown, an interesting one.


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