Early Accident Leads To No Contest Ruling In Co-Main Event Bout Between Rodriguez and Russell

This fight was one that was slated to be an interesting co-headliner to Showtime’s fight card, between two high ranking Bantamweight contenders, with 🇵🇷Manny Rodriguez (19-2-0, 12KO👊) squaring off against 🇺🇸Gary Antonio Russell (18-0-0, 12KO👊). We barely got anything, as they both clashed with a horrible accidental headbutt – one that Rodriguez was the far worst for wear from. Manny wasn’t able to continue, and the bout in total lasted a duration of only 16 seconds, resulting in a “No Contest”. One wonders if they will run it back at a later time, but it seldom ever plays out that way, so they may go their separate ways in their quest towards ascension.


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