Moloney Looking To Right Boxing’s Wrongs, as He and Rival Franco Are Set To Meet For Their Trilogy Bout

It’s a beautiful thing when you can supply boxing as a fighter, with two separate trilogies – in modern boxing, the list is pretty short in terms of participators. It is even better when the trilogies that you provide are unexpected, and just happen, 🌉bridging the action, with the drama attached to it, and on Saturday, #6 ranked Ring-Magazine contender 🇺🇸Joshua “El Profesor” Franco (17-1-2, 8KO👊) will walk down that path, as he will have completed two separate trilogies within his last 7 fights, doing so at just 25 years of age.

One half of Australia’s twin-duo is 🇦🇺Andrew Moloney (21-1-0, 14KO👊), who ranks as Ring-Magazines #8 Super-Flyweight contender, and he is hellbent on fixing how boxing wronged him in his second encounter with Franco back in November, of 2020. Franco was the first fighter to officially administer Moloney’s first professional defeat in their original meeting on June 23rd last year.


The rematch was a travesty, and incompetence at its finest, when an inept Referee, and a shady Commission branded together to bilk Moloney out of his win, after 🕴🏽Russell Mora inexplicably ruled the swelling of Franco’s eye fully closed shut, to being caused by a headbutt…a phantom headbutt at that…as there was nothing visibly on video to to see, or to pinpoint to within a minute span of when the swelling started, which was clearly caused from a punch.


With what had transpired, Moloney after the fight was stopped believed that he had his official full turn-around of fortune, as he came back to defeat the man that gave him his first “L”, but as more and more the time went on, you could feel in the air that they were going to find some way to snatch the rug out from under him, and they did, in the most Vegas way possible.

Moloney being a tough guy, was forced to tears after learning that the fight would be officially ruled as a 📍“No Contest”, as opposed to a victory in his favor, and the boxing world nearly universally sympathized for Andrew, and showed its distaste, as well as its anger for how the powers that be – in Las Vegas grossly mishandled their assignments, and ruined the night.

The official count between the two for now is Franco (1), Moloney (0), and a “No Contest”, but the entirety of the boxing world is looking at this rivalry as tied at 1-a-piece, and will look at this 3rd fight in true trilogy form, so looking at it through a truth lens and disregarding what the official record says, this is one to be looked at as a rubber match.

The “secondary” ⚫WBA world Super-Flyweight Title is on the line, which is really a berth for #1 contender in the convoluted WBA rollout, so a lot is clearly on the line for both, as they want to put themselves in a position to not just win the trilogy, but to secure bigger acclaim/revenue fights.

You can catch this one on 📺💻ESPN & ESPN+ on Saturday, August 14th. Naturally after what occurred in Vegas, 👨🏼‍💼Bob Arum & crew took this assignment elsewhere, and this fight will happen on Oklahoma soil in Tulsa, at the 🎰Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Be sure to tune in, to see two hungry contenders close their rivalry out, and seek for more in what is arguably the best division in all of boxing, that being the current Super-Flyweight crop of elite talent.


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