Carlos Takam Gave a Good Account of Himself, But Joe Joyce Hammered Him Away For a 6th Round Stoppage

Some may have anticipated a dominant performance, but it didn’t result that way for the favorite. With that being said, once 🥈🇬🇧Joe “Juggernaut” Joyce (13-0-0, 12KO👊) got his man hurt, he never let up, and veteran 🇨🇲🇫🇷Carlos Takam (39-6-1, 28KO👊), took nonstop punishment in the 6th frame, forcing the Referee to step in and stop the fight, resulting in the 12th stoppage of Joyce’s 13 professional wins.

Joyce has a heavy, educated jab, and he relied on it early, to control the far shorter Takam, who was the shortest opponent that Joyce has fought in his career. It was made clear that Takam’s game plan was to counterpunch over his jab with the clubbing roundhouse right hand.

Despite being 40 years of age, Takam had a clear speed advantage…though that’s to be expected, considering that Joyce has the slowest hands of any upper class Heavyweight since the old version of 👑🥇🇺🇸George Foreman. Takam had a strong showing at the end of the second round, bouncing left and right hands off the noggin of the giant, drawing surprise from the crowd.  Some action broke forth in the 4th round, as both fighters stood their ground, and traded power.


Joyce was starting to string combinations together well both to the head and body, and Takam more than held his own in those exchanges. The 5th round is where Joyce started to separate himself from the smaller man, re-committing himself behind the jab, and holding Takam at a range where he is largely rendered ineffective.

Takam still managed to land a few hand grenade right hands that was 🎯open to land all fight, but his accuracy with that particular punch began to decrease as time went on.  Round 6 at its start, Joyce connected with a mammoth 💥left hook that hurt Takam badly, and he jumped on him, firing non-stop in combination.  Takam’s fight-or-flight response was activated, and traded back and forth with Joe.

There was a big right hand that stunned Takam again mid-combination, and as Joyce continued to punish the elder statesman, Takam no longer had anything to offer in terms of firing back, and after 15-20 seconds of seeing nothing mustered up from the Cameroonian fighter, Referee 🕴🏻Steve Gray appropriately stepped in to signal the end of the contest.


Carlos Takam was red hot with the stoppage, arguing with the Ref, feeling that there was no reason to stop the fight, but as a veteran, he has to know that you either have to do a better job in either tying up your opponent, or firing ANYTHING back just to keep the action of the bout honest, for the Ref to back off of his marker…but by Takam not doing either, he forced Gray to make a decision, and by the 📖rule book, it was a good stoppage. This will go down as Joyce’s 12th stoppage win.

Given that Joe Joyce is currently 35 years old, he has to push the pedal-to-the-medal, and in the post-fight interview, he expressed interest to fight the winner of 🥇🇬🇧Anthony Joshua vs. 🥇🇺🇦Oleksandr Usyk, for the WBA, WBO and IBF World Titles. His Promoter Frank Warren also specified that Joyce will be next in line, and likely to be rendered a “Mandatory” WBO opponent for the winner of that fight.

He also anticipates that whoever wins that contest, will go on to target 👑🇬🇧Tyson Fury vs. 🥉🇺🇸Deontay Wilder winner next for Undisputed Heavyweight World Champion, and that Joyce may have to wait for both of those fights to manifest before he gets his opportunity. All in all, Joe Joyce finds himself in the position that he wants to be in, and he can take an easier fight to follow for his next outing, while also prepping for the grand opportunity – perhaps for it being for all the hardware.


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