Brian Carlos Castaño With a Grand Opportunity In Front of Him, As He Sits on the Doorstep of Joining Elite Argentinian Company

WBO Super-Welterweight belt holder 🇦🇷Brian Carlos Castaño (17-0-1, 12KO👊) has recently gone on record with how important a win over 🇺🇸Jermell Charlo would be for himself, and for his home country of Argentina, stating that a victory of this magnitude would be like winning the 🏆World Cup for his people. The obvious implications of that spoken of notion given Soccer’s mass popularity, gives everyone insight as to what hangs in the balance for the talented ⚖️154 lb. fighter if he were to pull off the upset – one that he is capable of pulling off, though it will be a very difficult task, but he comes into this contest well equipped to compete.

What carries extra importance for Castaño is the very small company he would join, as there have only been 3 Undisputed World Champions from Argentina in all of boxing’s history, and only 8 Lineal World Champions from Argentina historically – both opportunities that Castaño can capitalize on, and achieve all in one fell swoop if the fight ends up going his way on Saturday night. Here are the two lists of both Argentinian Undisputed & Lineal World Champions.

01. 👑🇦🇷Carlos Monzon – (Middleweight…1970-1974, 1976-1977)
02. 👑🇦🇷Pascual Perez – (Flyweight…1954-1960)
03. 👑🇦🇷Hugo Corro – (Middleweight…1978-1979)
04. 👑🇦🇷Sergio Martinez – (Middleweight…2010-2014)
05. 👑🇦🇷Miguel Angel Castellini – (Super-Welter…1976-1977)
06. 👑🇦🇷Carlos Baldomir – (Welterweight…2006)
07. 👑🇦🇷Nicolino Locche – (Junior-Welterweight…1968-1972)
08. 👑🇦🇷Santos Laciar – (Super-Flyweight…1987)

As you can see, a win for the former amateur standout, and current pro titlist would immortalize him, as Carlos Monzon, and Pascual Perez were all time greats, and Hugo Corro was a great fighter when at the 🗜️top of his form. It would also elevate him from relative obscurity in terms of the average boxing fan, who isn’t aware of who Castaño is, or what type of talent he possesses. Anything can happen in this bout, but certainly this is the position to be in for an aspiring boxer daring to be great, with all of the chips on the table.


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