Seniesa Estrada Adds to Her Star Appeal, Defeats Tenkai Tsunami to Become a Two-Division World Titlist

Is there any more exciting female fighter than 🇺🇸Seniesa “Super Bad” Estrada (21-0-0, 8KO👊) right now? Certainly she is on the short list of qualifiers, and one who is hard to argue against in this regard. On the Zurdo/Barrera undercard, she won her second title, this one in a different division, as she beat 🇯🇵Tenkai Tsunami (28-13-1, 16KO👊) to obtain her WBO Light-Flyweight title. Winning titles in back-to-back fights, and the way she has done it, has forced the spotlight to gravitate to her as one of the best talents, and personalities that women’s boxing has to offer.

Though both fighters have the same reach, you could see early in round 1 that Estrada had far more 📏range to her punches, with the proper follow-through, while Tsunami shorted her punches, with the intent to get her hands back for defensive purposes. With that tidbit spoken of, Seniesa was able to live comfortably at her own range on the outside, and Tenkai had a hard time reaching her, with her reluctance to pressure, or over-commit to get her offense going.


Estrada kept her well under control with the counter-left hook, and the elongated delivery on the jab to the body. Estrada was creative offensively, and kept her head on a swivel defensively, as she was razor sharp and fine-tuned for what her opponent was presenting to her.

The clever, athletically inclined footwork was really what it was that allowed her to get full command over the Japanese world titlist, and Tenkai was having a very difficult time adjusting her approach to catch up to the California native. Estrada doesn’t tuck her chin 📌(one of her rare weaknesses), so she was caught periodically whenever Tsunami was able to step in and get some of her offense going in small increments.


Seniesa could also jab a bit more to get closer to mastery of the craft, but she certainly had enough this night. Tenkai comported herself like a Champion, and gave her best effort, but there was too much skill, athleticism, and creativity coming from the challenger (in this setting), and though Tsunami wasn’t drowned, she was beaten convincingly, for Seniesa Estrada to take her WBO Light-Flyweight title.

With this victory, Estrada now holds world titles consecutively in two different divisions, and she has her sights set on adding more titles to her collection. She ranks as one of the ⚓best in the world, and she appears to have all the tools, combined with star-power, to become the face of women’s boxing.


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