Jermell Charlo & Brian Castaño to Collide On a Destiny Course, in All Or Nothing Bout For the Undisputed Super-Welterweight Championship

Written by Tré Berry III🖊️ | 07/11/2021

They say to dream big, and to make sure that the 🪓🪵work ethic matches the passion. That, along with creativity, and attention to detail will carve out your own fortune, and create opportunities to turn those dreams into attainable goals. That is exactly where the Super-Welterweight Champion of the World 👑🇺🇸Jermell “Iron Man” Charlo (34-1-0, 18KO👊) sits on his journey, as the 31 year old primed fighter is on the precipice of bridging together all 5 major World Titles. He currently holds the RING, WBA, WBC & IBF straps, and he has his eyes fixated on the 🔴burgundy belt…but he may have to walk through his most difficult opponent in order to obtain it.

Without a doubt, 🇦🇷Brian Carlos Castaño (17-0-1, 12KO👊) is the least known elite talent in all of boxing, by a mile. There are reasons for that, as he’s not one to play to the cameras, or have any desire to command attention for star power purposes. Instead he just has the “I’m going to show up, show out inside of the ring, and make use of this spit bucket” type of mentality, as everything is always boxing associated to him, 24/7. His skill-level is top-flight, and he certainly ranks atop the ⚖️Super-Welterweight division in that regard.


Jermell Charlo wears his 🦁”Lions Only” moniker with a badge of honor, as he has a lot of ferocity brewing from the inside, and the strength to match his gumption. Since winning his first world title belt in 2016, he has fought nothing but the best competition that the division has to offer. There were a couple of fighters that he didn’t get a chance to face, but that was more due to circumstantial happenstance.

After losing a very highly disputed decision on paper to rival/enemy 🇺🇸Tony Harrison, he met him a year later to knock the boisterous Detroit fighter out, and Mell got his WBC title belt back. He picked up 3 world title belts in his next fight, and officially became thee Champion of the division when he stopped 🇩🇴Jeison Rosario with a power jab to the pit of the stomach, putting him one step closer towards achieving his dream to unify all the belts in the five belt era.


These two fighters couldn’t be any more different, in every regard, as they are diametrically opposed. Castaño is quiet, and reserved, while Charlo is outspoken, brash, and a bit of a 💣ticking time-bomb. Their fighting styles are different, as Jermell utilizes his athleticism, and power with the best of them in the division, while Castaño’s approach is more predicated on timing, footwork, and combination punching. Jermell is tall at 5’11, while Castaño is a generous 5’7 1⁄2…..but he gets the most out of his stature.

Now with that being stated, the two things that they DO have in common is that they are thee best in their weight class, and they both have a hunger and drive to be great. Both when you look through a truthful 🔎lens, can claim to be undefeated, so you have two fighters here who are riding high at the peak of their confidence, without tasting the resignation of failure in their heart of hearts.  They are also both 31 years of age.

Now as for history’s sake, if July 17th’s mega-bout yields an official winner, then that fighter will be the first Undisputed Champion at Super-Welterweight since it was last achieved by 👑🇺🇸Winky Wright in 2004, when he defeated 👑🇺🇸Sugar Shane Mosley for the honors. The winner of Charlo/Castaño will also be the 13th Undisputed Champion in the divisions history, so a lot is on the line in terms of legacy.


This major bout will headline the card that will be hosted at the 🏀AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas. Jermell Charlo is from Houston, Texas, but that arena is close enough to call home, as his fan contingent will certainly make the trip with hopes of seeing their favorite fighter walk the journey towards boxing lore, as one of the few Undisputed’s in recent times.


Castaño is used to fighting on the road, and it doesn’t bother him to do so. We expect a very good, intriguing bout to break out, and both fighters will certainly give the best account of themselves. We have yet another Undisputed match on regular TV, this time to be viewed on 📺SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING, which is good for the sport in its entirety. This is a fight that you shouldn’t miss, as history is on the hook.


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