Zurdo Ramirez Puts Together Impressive Display in His Inaugural Golden Boy Assignment, Knocks Sullivan Barrera Out in the Fourth

The entire fight card as a whole was well received by hardcore fight fans, and 🇲🇽Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez (42-0-0, 28KO👊) did a good job in closing the show, landing the boom against 🇨🇺Sullivan Barrera (22-4-0, 14KO👊) putting him down three times, and knocking him out in the 4th round in his first official Golden-Boy outing.

Considering all the time that Ramirez spent at Super-Middleweight, it was jarring to see the height difference he had over Barrera, as Zurdo is one of the 📏taller fighters you will come across those weight classes. Ramirez spent the duration of the first round applying the mental pressure on Sullivan, standing his ground in mid distance, while Sullivan elected to fight off the back foot a little more, and survey counter openings he could exploit the big lefty with.

Something notable to point out – Barrera looked a bit slower than he did in his heyday, and his punch technique was a little more wide open than we used to see…but hey, he is 🗓️39 years of age, and father-time tends to catch up.


Nonetheless, he was determined in this fight, and was loading up on his hooks, trying to time Zurdo, but he could never hit the right time on the stopwatch. In the third round, Zurdo snuck a left hook to the basement in combination that made Sullivan turn his back and went down to his knees for the knockdown.

In pain, he managed to get up, and make it out of the round to clear his head in the corner.  An odd deja vu moment occurred, as Ramirez once again in the 4th round hit Barrera with the exact same 💥liver punch that dropped him a round before, and this time, it was a delayed reaction before he collapsed to his knees again. Hurt, he got up once again, but Zurdo had the big finish on his mind, and he pressed forward aggressively, fired the uppercut, and the weight of the incoming shots made Barrera collapse down once again, and the Referee called a halt to the fight in the 4th round for Ramirez’s 42nd victory.

Though the former Super-Middleweight Titlist Ramirez is a talented fighter, the name of the game for him at this point going forward is to gain marketability/fans…and the knockout, with having the big machine behind him in terms of 🏢Golden Boy Promotions, is definitely a good way towards starting his new journey as a potential marketable fighter for the great Mexican fanbase.

He called out top-2 ranked Light-Heavyweight, and WBA Titlist 🇷🇺Dmitry Bivol, and when he was asked if he was ready for that assignment…he said “you have to ask him, is he ready for me❓ that would be an interesting fight to see down the line if something comes of it in the near future.

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