The Talented Colbert Returns, Takes Up Challenge From Skilled Late Replacement Nyambayar

He’s slick…he’s skilled…and he is very confident in his own abilities. Previously nicknamed as “Lil B-Hop”, 🇺🇸Chris “Primetime” Colbert (15-0-0, 6KO👊) has reassured himself as one of the best fighters in the world under the age of 25 (he is 24 years old), and ranks as Ring-Magazine’s #9 ranked Super-Featherweight in the world. He currently holds the WBA “Interim” world title, and has his sights on much higher distinctions as a burgeoning talent who yields promise.

GOING FROM POINTLESS, TO INTRIGUING – Initially, he had a fight scheduled with 🥇🇨🇺Yuriorkis Gamboa, which was a fight that nobody wanted…due to Gamboa being far over his clip, and no longer brings anything to the table in terms of a challenge to top-tier talent. Gamboa had to pull out the bout.

The interesting thing is that normally when a replacement opponent is named, fight proposed fight will dip in quality…but such as the case here, the intrigue in the replacement opponent has made this fight skyrocket in interest as a contrast to what was originally signed up to take place.

2012 London Olympic Silver-Medalist, and #8 world ranked Ring-Magazine Featherweight 🥈🇲🇳Tugstsogt “King Tug” Nyambayar (12-1-0, 9KO👊) will move up a division for this assignment, and has the type of skills to test the young, supremely talented fighter out to see where he really is at in his development.

On the pro level, King Tug can make the case that he arguably gave Featherweight Titlist 🇺🇸Gary Russell Jr. his toughest test out of all of Russell’s wins…though 🇺🇸Jojo Diaz may have something to say about that. As for Colbert/Nyambayar, this fight will be viewable on 📺SHOWTIME, and it will take place in Carson California…the new hub for action packed bouts.

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