Two Unbeaten Prizefighters Meet – David Morrell Jr. and Mario Cazares To Go To Battle In Fox Main Event

Heads up, there is boxing on Sunday. Some might call him a boxing prodigy…others may just consider him as a very talented young fighter. Whichever way you want to slice it, former amateur World Champion and burgeoning Super-Middleweight talent 🇨🇺David Morrell Jr. (4-0-0, 3KO👊) will be on display as 📺FOX’s headlining star. Though we don’t recognize secondary WBA belts as true title belts (unless there is no super-champion), it has to be noted that David has obtained one this early in his career, and more than anything, it gives him a little extra leverage towards getting the fights, and the match-ups that he wants.

While that is the case, his opponent for Sunday’s main event will be 🇲🇽Mario Cazares (12-0-0, 5KO👊), who is rated #15 contender by the WBA sanctioning body, and who you may remember stopping the listless 🇲🇽Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in September of last year. As for Morrel, he put together a very impressive amateur overall record of 📑130-2. The 23 year old Cuban has already made a splash with boxing pundits as one who is already well equipped enough to inch closer to the top dogs of the division, but Sunday, he will have to continue to showcase what he can do, for those people to double down on their assessment, and for fans to see what he can do.

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