Jermall Charlo Wins 12 Round Decision Over Awkward, Rough Puncher Juan Macias Montiel For WBC Middleweight Title Defense

The fight, though a blowout, was far more entertaining than was anticipated, as WBC Middleweight Titlist 🇺🇸Jermall “Hitman” Charlo (32-0-0, 22KO👊) fought tooth and nail in some spots with power-punching contender 🇲🇽Juan Macias Montiel (22-5-2, 22KO👊) for the full 12 rounds. Jermall picked up the victory via wide Unanimous Decision, and picked up a 4th World Title defense. He now can reset his fights towards a possible unification fight next, to continue his journey up in the Middleweight division.

Charlo started the fight standing his ground, probing heavy on the front foot, and staying behind the stick. Montiel is an odd fighter to say the least in terms of the conventional norms.  In the first, the power-puncher by trait stayed on his backfoot, constantly moved side-to-side, and switched to southpaw about 5 or 6 times.

In the second round, Montiel fought the entire way southpaw, which became a theme of the fight. Charlo remained patient while Montiel early didn’t offer up much of any offense.  The third round, instructed by his Trainer 🥋Ronnie Shields, Mall committed to opening up, and relied more on combination punching. It took Montiel getting hit in those skirmishes to start coming forward, and trading 💣bombs with the titlist.


For the next few rounds, Charlo pressed the action, firing the power behind the leather, managing to hurt Montiel a few times, but Montiel was able to absorb the punishment, regroup, and continue to come forward, though he was nearly stopped at the end of the 6th round.

The 8th round, Montiel had his best moment of the fight when he landed a combination, that slightly buzzed the Houston world titlist, but nothing serious enough to fret over in terms of any worry for Charlo fans for the fight, or the raising of eyebrows when it comes to scouts and pundits.

Acclaimed Hall-of-Famer 🎙️Al Bernstein was spot on (which is usual) when it comes to him pointing out that Montiel’s success came when he switched back to orthodox, but he kept going back to lefty, reminds us of the old adage that was a coined phrase in decades past – 🗣️“if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

He was able to open up a cut, and cause some swelling on Mall’s right eye, but after a better 8th and 9th round, Montiel couldn’t follow up with anything meaningful to truly claim the moment, and Charlo reassured his control in outdueling the challenger from a points perspective. What this fight proves to us is that Jermall likes to fight.


He already shown that against 🇺🇦Sergey Derevyanchenko, but this fight just furthers that notion. Some fighters with that level of boxing skill you can tell gets flustered a little bit when the heat gets turned up on them, and indicators show that it doesn’t bother Charlo one bit, he enjoys exchanges.

Montiel’s ability to absorb punishment, and recuperation powers made its virtues known down the stretch as a tough piece of iron to dent. Charlo stuck to his guns, dishing off his own power, while Montiel was looking to make something happen big, though that moment wouldn’t come as the fight went the full tenure, getting to the 🛎️12th and final bell.

The bout, though one-sided, was a highly entertaining one, and interesting down the stretch. Jermall Charlo would get his Unanimous Decision victory though by way of Unanimous Decision, with scores from the Official Judges reading out as 📝118-109, 119-109, and 120-108. We had it tallied as 118-110.


This was the 4th defense of his WBC Middleweight World Title, and he put on a performance for a nearly 🏟️packed crowd in front of his hometown Houston fans. Though the knockout isn’t a necessity, or a requirement for how this fight played out, he tried to give them a bigger parting gift by getting the tough Mexican fighter out of there, but to no avail.

Now as for Mall, at the age of 31, everyone knows what he wants to do, and what fights he wants, and needs for the type of validation that his skills appear to demand. At this point, he just has to continue to make noise, and hope to get one of the other stallworth’s to bite the bait, to get one of those big fights that he covets, whether it be at ⚖️160, or 168 lbs.

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