New Challenge, New Journey, Same Result For Ms. Claressa Shields

It is a different sport, but last night featured one of boxing’s current best, as female boxing superstar 👑🥇🥇🇺🇸Claressa “T-Rex” Shields (11-0-0, 2KO👊) officially made her Mixed Martial Arts debut. It doesn’t always go well for boxers cross-venturing into that field, but Shields did pretty well, defeating 🇺🇸Brittany Elkin by 3rd round technical knockout by way of a ground & pound attack.

Shields at the age of 26 has talked about expanding her horizon’s by tapping into the MMA field. Naturally she will need more work in the gym to improve her craft and continue winning, but this is a solid start for her, and credit to her for taking up the challenge.


One wonders if Claressa will try to juggle both careers at the same time, or do it the way 👑🇵🇷Amanda Serrano has been doing it, periodically taking spot assignments in Mixed Martial Arts in order to stay fresh by any means of combat. Claressa had stated that she would like to be a two-sport star, so maybe she is serious about doing both in volume. As for this fight, Shields was brought to the ground twice in the first 2 rounds, before enduring, and putting Elkin away.

“She had me on the ground, but she couldn’t hurt me, Her punches didn’t hurt me. She tried to get me in me an armbar and that didn’t hurt me. I never doubted myself winning a boxing match in my life, it’s like it’s possible I can lose this first fight…I just had a never-quit attitude every round.” 🗣️CLARESSA SHIELDS


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