Shakur Stevenson Primed To Put Preparation, and Skills On Display Against Jeremy Nakathila For Interim Title – With Far Loftier Potential Plans Down the Line

To be truly gifted in a particular area is a blessing. If you have the persistent work ethic to match, and a constant chip on your shoulder to prove yourself to the masses, and improve in every subsequent outing…then you can put yourself into a position to be special.  It is clear that 🥈🇺🇸Shakur “Fearless” Stevenson (15-0-0, 8KO👊) is at this juncture of his career, as a young 23 year old prodigy, who has all the tools needed to become the current younger generation’s vanguard for the next era.

Stevenson has already won a title in his career, that being the WBO Featherweight Title, but he is much more at home at Super-Featherweight, where some major potential career-boosting fights are harboring on the horizon, which is the road he will need to travel in order to get the accolades, and the adulation to match his skilled prowess as a young, budding, potential money star.

The vacant WBO Super-Featherweight “Interim” world title will be on the line, and accompanying Shakur Stevenson to the ring for this trinket is 🇳🇦Jeremiah Nakathila (21-1-0, 17KO👊), who is fighting out of his home country of Namibia, from the Motherland. His nickname is “Low-Key”, which is apropos for him, because much is not known of him to the masses, considering that this is only Nakathila’s second fight outside of 🌍Africa, and his first time fighting in the United States.

This is a #1 vs #2 match-up in terms of the WBO ranks, though Nakathila will have to perform well enough for people to take his #2 ranking seriously, as by face value, it doesn’t seem to hold credence. The winner of this fight will put themselves in line for a shot at the WBO World Super-Featherweight Title, currently held by physically, mentally imposing 🇺🇸Jamel Herring, who is coming off of a career win.

All arrows point to a potential mega bout between Stevenson and Herring, and it’s a fight that boxing certainly needs right now. As for right now, we won’t fully delve into that match, until (or if) Stevenson takes care of business on Saturday, so that the boxes can be checked off. They will be starting off a month-long tour for Top-Rank boxers, hosting at the 🏨Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada, which appears to be a new hot-bed for boxing as a smaller venue. The fight will be fought on ESPN, tune in Saturday night. The time is on the poster

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