Luis Arias Upsets the Apple Cart, Defeats Sloppy Jarrett Hurd By Split-Decision In Career Victory

Well well…an interesting night harbored one upset, as 🇺🇸Luis “Cuba” Arias (19-2-1, 9KO👊) fought the fight of his life, beating the lackluster 🇺🇸Jarrett “Sw⚡ft” Hurd (24-2-0, 16KO👊) tonight at his own game, with pressure, endurance, and guile, to tack on the points needed to rubberstamp his crowning achieving moment as a pro.

Cuba Arias started out hot, throwing many combinations, often managing to fit the overhand right over the newly installed shoulder-roll type of defense that Hurd and new Trainer 🥋Kay Korona tried to incorporate into his arsenal. Arias, aided by his new Trainer, the legendary 🥋Ismail Salas, did his homework in knowing that the overhand right is an effective tool against that style of defense.

Hurd, a notoriously slow starter, took his time surveying the Wisconsin fighter. Being that they were fighting in an outdoor arena, the 🌧️rain began to come down hard, and even though they had a canopy overhead protecting the ring, enough rain seeped in to where they had to stop action in the second round for a few minutes as it was especially slippery by the CASHAPP decal in the center of the ring.


As the action was back underway, Arias was aggressive in his pursuit, hitting Hurd upstairs often. Hurd began to start cooking in the middle of the 2nd round, opening up a nasty split cut in the middle of Arias brow, though it didn’t effect his efforts throughout the rest of the fight. As Hurd was on the hunt, Arias landed a nice left hook at the bell that wobbled the former Unified World Titlist.

Round 3, Hurd was often relegating to holding on, and trying to smother Arias attack, but it wasn’t serving him much good in the moment. Before the fight, Arias accurately stated that Hurd was easy to find, as he has no defense 📌(Perhaps the worst defense of any Championship caliber fighter in todays ranks, with very little argument), and Hurd validated his thoughts, as he didn’t adjust at all to the overhand right, from Arias, and was paying for it early.


You could tell what this fight meant to Arias at this point of his career, as he never let up on his activity, often staying in the chest of Hurd, which in return nullified Hurd’s usual high rate of offensive output, bottling up what he does best. Fortunate for Hurd in live action, Arias doesn’t hit that hard considering the rate he was being hit, so he was able to absorb the punches, but they accumulated from a points aspect, and Hurd found himself in danger.


Finally in the second half of round 5, the real Jarrett Hurd made his appearance, and started to walk Arias down behind the pressure jab, and let his hands go on the inside, to put together his best round up to that point. Two minutes into the 6th, Hurd subtly hurt Arias with a 💥straight right hand, forcing Cuba to hold on to try and get his bearings together. He finished the round showing heart, coming forward, smothering Hurd’s punches and offering back some firepower of his own, showing that he was in it to win it.

Round 6, Hurd landed a couple of heavy lowblows (both looked to be unintentional), and Arias took a little of the allotted 5 minutes each time to recoup. Arias regained back some of his momentum, and it carried over well into the 7th round. Hurd was finding it difficult to bull and bully someone his own size, and Arias took advantage of it, beating him at his own game – pressure, volume, and tenacity.


Back to the theme of the rain, and the wet ring, it came back to unfortunately came back to bite Arias, as he was hit with a right hand by Hurd, but it was abundantly clear that Arias footing gave out due to the slippery canvas, and had a knockdown called against him. He got up disappointed, but he got his focus back on the action.

This was a scheduled 10 round affair, so the final round was upon us. Hurd has a reputation of storming back like gangbusters in his toughest of fights, but once again, it was Arias fighting his fight, and taking the magic away from the miracle worker. Now Hurd did land a right hand literally at the 🛎️final bell of the fight, that should’ve been called a KD by Referee 🕴🏿Christopher Young, who all in all, didn’t do a great job tonight. With that being said, even if it were to be called, the way the scoring tallied up, it wouldn’t have mattered.


Luis Arias would not get cheated by the Judges tonight against the name fighter, and he picked up his signature career win by Split-Decision over a disappointed Hurd, who believed that he won the fight. I’m sure he is also disappointed that his plans to possibly go against 👑🇺🇸Jermell Charlo may have ended in smoke, as Hurd will have to be forced to get back to the drawing board, and answer some tough internal questions.

Truth be told, Jarrett looked terrible tonight – could some of that be attributed to his father Fred Hurd Sr’s untimely passing in March❓ we believe it played a factor. Nonetheless, we can raise that as a contributor to his performance, and credit Luis Arias work as dueling factors toward what happened tonight, and we would like to shift the spotlight now back to the winner.

Arias always shown some potential to get a big victory if he came across the right opponent, and the crosshairs of opportunity, and drive laser-locked with each other, and he took full advantage of the opportunity. Once again, the legendary 🥋Ismail Salas did it again, and Arias heavily credited him, as he felt that he needed his tutelage, and seasoning for a fight with Jarrett Hurd, and that he would’ve taken another “L” if he didn’t have him in his corner tonight.

Speaking of losses, Arias was 0-2-1 in his last three fights, having a draw verdict against 🇺🇸Gabe Rosado, while losing to 🇺🇸Daniel “Miracle Man” Jacobs, and 🇮🇪Luke Keeler. Isn’t it amazing what you could do when you’re given one more chance at something when you’re on the outs? Those who put the match together, they believed in Cuba Arias enough to put him in this position, and Arias took it upon himself to fully seize the opportunity, and change his career around.

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