Daniel Dubois Runs Through Bodgan Dinu With Minimal Effort To Pick Up the Second Round Knockout Win

There’s a joy that tends to 🍲boil to the surface when you get back in the win column after suffering a defeat, especially as a young boxer. 🇬🇧Daniel “DDD” Dubois (16-1-0, 15KO👊) was all smiles tonight, as he snuffed out 🇷🇴Bogdan Dinu (20-3-0, 16KO👊) with a massive right hand to secure his 15th knockout victory.

Dubois made a pointed emphasis to stay behind the strong jab, and Dinu didn’t do himself any favors not avoiding them, with very limited head movement, and staying in the firing range. Halfway through the first round, you could see that this was a mismatch in skill and pedigree, as Dinu had nothing sharp to offer.

Daniel managed to hurt Dinu with a combination, and stayed on him for a duration of the rest of the round. The longer time went, the more perplexing it became as to how Dinu was rated as a 📜#2 WBA Heavyweight contender, as his prowess didn’t come close to matching his placement in the ranks.

Dubois didn’t seem to be too gunshy following his lone previous loss to 🥈🇬🇧Joe Joyce, which is a plus for him going forward – on the flip side to the overall equation, Bogdan didn’t offer up anything for Daniel to be worried about, so the lingering question will uphold as an open one, to be solved in later bouts.

As for this one, Dubois wrapped it up with a merciless right hand that landed flush on the jaw, and Dinu’s legs gave out, as did his cognition. The big man was hurt, and remained on his knees as the Referee counted him out at ⌚10. Dubois celebrated, as he managed to get himself back on track with the early knockout, and now, he can reset the journey towards his ascension in the Heavyweight ranks.

Dubois new Head-Trainer is 🥋Shane McGuigan. Based off the performance, it is difficult to give a grade, or to pick up on any new wrinkles (if any) that Dubois has added to his repertoire since the Trainer switch, so that will be an open-ended question as well.

What Daniel Dubois can take from this victory is that he can use it as a litmus test, as he dispatched of Bogdan Dinu quicker than 🇧🇬Kubrat Pulev, and disgraced Heavyweight 🇺🇸Jarrell Miller did. It doesn’t exactly mean that he is better than them by doing so, but it bodes well for a young guy putting together a resume, to say “I did this better than already established other talent”, which can put him in position towards getting more notable fights.

We already expressed our displeasure that the “Interim” World WBA Heavyweight title was on the line for this one, as it ranks one level short of travesty, by a suspect sanctioning body with its business dealings in the Heavyweight ranks. Nonetheless, Dubois can also use that to his advantage, so as it stands in the rebound performance, Daniel Dubois sits in a pretty good place right now.

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