The Best Fight Of the Night? – A Locked In Roman Outduels the Game Franco Through 10 Grueling Rounds

When you get a fight with 🇺🇸Daniel Roman (29-3-1, 10KO👊) in it, you know what you are getting, blood, guts, cunning, a plethora of mid-range skills, and volume. Tonight we got that times 2, as he had a willing opponent in 🇲🇽Ricardo Espinoza Franco (25-4-0, 21KO👊), who for a while was giving as well as he was getting in the exchanges.

Franco brought the bombs early, getting Roman’s attention, and the action throughout the first half of the fight was relatively even, as they constantly partook in violent exchanges on the inside. Roman, being one of the more adaptable fighters in the sport, altered his attack, and realized that the 💪🏽uppercut was his money punch for Franco, who constantly lunged over his front foot every time he was looking to throw leather.

Roman caught him with multiple hellacious left and right uppercuts, sometimes mid-combination, and pivoted off to the side to avoid the counter punch, and Franco had no answer for it, though he still gave his best effort, hoping to land the boom to change his fortune. Roman later in the bout busted Franco’s nose, perhaps from the impact of the uppercut, and Franco dawned a 🩸crimson mask while coming forward, hoping to find his big break…but to no avail.

Somehow this bout reached the 10th and final bell, considering the war that had broken out between the two. With scores of 📝97-93, 98-92, 98-92, the former Unified Super-Bantamweight Titlist Danny Roman picked up his 29th win, and his performance sent a message to those in the main event, and the other Titlists in the division, and other boxers harboring at the top.

Roman is a mandatory challenger to fight for the WBC Title (now held by 🇺🇸Brandon Figueroa), and he let it be known that he wants a shot at it. He will have to wait though, as Figueroa, and WBO Titlist 🇺🇸Stephen Fulton Jr. will battle on September 11th for a Unification bout, but all-in-all, Danny Roman remains in the thick of it all at the top of the division, and other elite fighters will have to see him at some point.

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