Souleymane Cissokho Picked Up the Victory Over Kieran Conway Despite Late Scare, and Questionable Cards

Rising 2016 Rio Olympic Bronze-Medalist 🥉🇸🇳🇫🇷Souleymane Cissokho (13-0-0, 8KO👊) has been looking for his opportunity to cement him as a Super-Welterweight contender, and he decided to go up against solid competition in pursuit of notoriety from the sanctioning bodies. Unlike Cissokho, Britain’s 🇬🇧Kieran Conway (16-2-1, 3KO👊) is recognized by one sanctioning body, as he coming in was slotted in the #14 spot by the WBA.

Tonight, they went to battle, and it was Cissokho who emerged as the victor by way of Split-Decision, on shotty scorecards. Cissokho controlled the action throughout the bulk of the 10 round affair, behind a disciplined jab attack to the body, and sneaking in the right hand behind the jab upstairs to split the guard.

He faced a real moment of danger when Conway ripped a couple uppercuts in combination in closed quarters that forced the severely hurt Cissokho to drop to the canvas. He got up, and was able to evade any further punishment, while Conway let the opportunity slip by not applying added pressure to get the job done.

Despite the late danger, Cissokho’s work throughout the fight should’ve had the fight secured in the bag, but the official judges put it into question. With one judge scoring the fight wide for Conway (no idea how he came up with that tally), and the other two scorecards going to Cissokho (the last one being razor close), Souleymane Cissokho picked up the well deserved victory, and should garner a ranking berth now by the 4 major sanctioning bodies.

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