Quick Work Off a Strong Left Hand From Erislandy Lara Cuts Thomas Lamanna’s Night Short In 1st Round

If you came into today, believing that WBA #8 ranked world contender 🇺🇸Thomas “Cornflake” Lamanna (30-5-1, 12KO👊) shouldn’t have received the assignment to face longtime Super-Welterweight World Titlist 🇨🇺🇺🇸Erislandy Lara (28-3-3, 16KO👊) in their Middleweight contest , you summed it up as it was accurately, and the bout never got out of the opening round.

The crafty lefty Lara kept the left hand cocked, and constantly probed with the front foot to gauge the reaction of the New Jersey fighter, and from what he seen, he didn’t react, or give much giveaway at all. From there, Lara began to constantly shoot the straight left hand, seeming to land them all at will.


From there, Lara set Lamanna up, feinting a couple times with it, and halfway through the first round, fired the big left, this time in roundhouse form, and clipped Lamanna’s jaw on the left side. He dropped quickly on his back, and the Referee immediately jumped in to stop the fight. That was the impression that Lara wanted to make for the rest of the Middleweight division, and succeeded in doing so, regardless of the mismatch in opponent that shared the ring with him.


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